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Superboy: Conner Kent Will Return To DC Universe In Detective Comics

Since the DC Rebirth relaunch last 12 months, the publisher has busied itself bringing again traditional concepts and characters which have formed their tales for the past century. Wally West returned final yr in Geoff Johns’ DC Universe: Rebirth #1, and its sequel crossover event, “The Button,” teased the return of basic Flash, Jay Garrick. A substantial chunk of Teen Titans lore has been restored to the DCU, in addition to important parts of Superman’s pre-New fifty two historical past.

However one noticeably absent fan favorite may lastly be making his grand return to the DCU. On the DC Batman Spotlight panel at New York Comic Con, James Tynion IV, who is writing Detective Comics iron man chest piece shirt for the time being, dropped a trace concerning the return of Kon-El aka Conner Kent. Tynion IV teased that Conner could be somehow concerned in “A Lonely Place of Living,” the current arc of Detective Comics, which is about iron man chest piece shirt Tim Drake’s escape from the enigmatic Mr. Oz’s prison.

Tynion IV did not share whether Conner will in reality return within the flesh in this story, so this might very properly just be a point out or a teaser for one more storyline to return. That stated, the news will surely excite Superman fans who have been longing for the return of the character for the previous couple of years.

When pressed for details, Tynion IV replied, “Keep an eye fixed out for [Detective Comics] #966.” That challenge is out subsequent week.

“A Lonely Place of Living” already options a stunning amount of Superman lore. While it’s mainly about Tim’s escape, Jor-El and Doomsday have already been featured within the story. The big question shall be which version of Kon-El are we getting The new fifty two version of Superboy was drastically different from the model first introduced in 1993 during the “Reign of the Supermen” storyline, and his evolution from arrogant younger Superman clone to beloved Teen Titans member (and Tim’s finest good friend) was wiped out by the 2011 reboot. But with Tynion’s apparent need to bring Tim back to his pre-New fifty two roots, we need to assume he has similar emotions about Conner.