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1970s British Sweet-A Sweet, Nostalgic Journey Down Reminiscence Lane

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Industrial so I determined I wanted to give each of my favorite sweet issues a brief paragraph of its own.

Men's Print green lantern superhero logo Short Sleeve T-ShirtNot for me popping in licorice allsorts AND sports mixture. Every deserves reward in its own proper. I can’t gloss over the surprise of discovering a black tennis racquet in a quarter of sports mixture; anomolous little devil – the only licorice flavoured candy in a bag filled with vaguely fruit flavoured ones. However, it was yummy!

So come inside (we’re in a tent in my again backyard now and we’re going again in time to 1976); I am thirteen and that i’ve just had my first brush with tooth decay – an extraction, however regardless of, the world of sugar and E Numbers lie in wait.

Prepared Obtained your bottle of Roller-Cola Let’s dive in!
Sports activities Mixture – They need to Stick Throughout Your Teeth….They usually Do!
Sports Mixture are vaguely fruity flavoured exhausting jelly like sweets that are shaped into sports activities tools (English sports activities tools) so you can tip your bag onto your lap and discover tennis racquets, footballs, cricket bats and rugby balls, all completely different colours and all different flavours.

However bear in mind, the black cricket bat just isn’t blackcurrant; it’s as I’ve already mentioned, licorice flavour.

I’m still unsure why the makers, Lion Model, allowed this strange incidence.
I used to imagine that there was some kind of major mishap at the Sports Mixture Factory (all of the employees there wore cricket whites in these imaginings) and the incorrect flavouring acquired tipped into the combo and voila! Licorice as a substitute of blackcurrant – it should not work but it surely does, though I accept that licorice is an acquired style. Thankfully, I find it irresistible.

Sasparilla Tablets, Pear Drops, Kola Cubes they were simply the suitable size. They were coated in powdered sugar, rock onerous until you’d sucked them for about 5 minutes after which they gave manner between your teeth to reveal a scrumptious delicate centre. Both excellent sweets which saved their shape and sweetness until they gave way. Never eaten at the same time – that may just be fallacious!

My Sweet Affair With Bertie Bassett……It Still Goes On At this time
Bertie and I have enjoyed our almost life-long relationship and have had only two years apart when, by some quirk of dieting (thanks WeightWatchers) and self-discipline, I didn’t eat any sweets for over two years.

I’ve been consuming licorice allsorts since I was knee-excessive to a grasshopper and I feel it is because of the word ‘AllSorts’.

If you open the field, it is magical, the colour against the blackness of the licorice is superb.
I tasted my first allsort when I was about 4 or 5; one of many pink, beady aniseed ones and that was it – I was hooked.

Whenever you offer around the box to mates and family (you could share sweets, they taste higher whenever you share them) there’s at all times one allsort that people don’t like – “don’t just like the all licorice one”, “not fussed on the coconut ring ones”, “don’t like the beady ones”.

Fair sufficient, there isn’t a accounting for style – I like em all.
What’s A Ten Pence Mix Up
In 1976, a ten pence combine up was a bag of various sweets you could possibly buy at a corner shop or newsagents which included a number of issues like penny chews, flying saucers, Black Jacks, Fruit Salad, Anglo bubble gums, jelly snakes, cola bottles, white mice, gobstoppers, candy alphabet letters and Barrett’s Shrimps.

For 10p in 1976, you got a bag Full of sweets – lots of different sweets. You at all times ate the bubble gum last!

I am undecided you possibly can get a 10p combine up now; it will only have three issues in it so not well worth the trouble – they most likely value 50p now.

We did not get much pocket money in 1976; I think I got 30p every week from my dad and mom and that i used to spend 10p of it on a mix up offered by a grocery van which got here into our street every evening.

I nonetheless eat the sort of candy now however not fairly often; my dental history reveals a love of candy issues so while I enjoy the occasional kola bottle, I do not assume my crowns would be up to sweet alphabet letters. Such a disgrace!

Effectively that was my trip down memory lane – sitting with you in a one-man tent on my lawn in my backyard with nothing more than pop, sweets and a Beano and Dandy comic to amuse us.

I had a fantastic time, thanks for joining me.
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sendingAuthorJools99 4 years in the past from North-East UK
Martie -you sound like a woman after my very own heart, sweet teeth and all :o) Licorice Allsorts are nonetheless my favourites, nothing comes shut…except midget gems….or possibly sports activities micture….oh expensive…..:o)

AuthorJools99 four years ago from North-East UK
Mary, glad you got here into the tent and reminisces with me – come back soon :o)

Martie Coetser four years ago from South Africa
Oh, how I love licorice allsorts. I really love sweets of all sorts. I know all of the bad about eating sweets, but there is still no method I’ll (can) cease eating candy things.

Awesome hub! I’m going to really feel responsible for some time, haunted by this lovely hub of yours, jools, however then I am going to eat a handful sweets regardless of…. 🙂

Mary Craig 4 years ago from New York
How can anyone resist a hub about sweets You have actually executed them justice in your vivid descriptions. Sitting with you in a one man tent in your backyard was fun.

Voted up, helpful, and fascinating.
Linda…thanks for stopping by once more! :o)

Still a Yummilicious hub!!
Annie, many thanks on your remark – I would have an interest to know what you Aussies ate in a combine up. I watch Biggest Loser Australia (we’re Greatest Loser addicts) and so they eat numerous cakes and things which are completely new to me. My sister in legislation is Australian and she brings goodies back when she travels house to see her household.

I have to agree, Jools – NOTHING comes close to Liquorice All Kinds – your profile background iron man birthday shirt 720 excited me and I used to be delighted to scroll down and discover this hub on my favourite candy and more. I am iron man birthday shirt 720 not conversant in these names however I do remember buying a sixpence bag of sweets as a toddler – my current dental status sadly additionally testament of my love of sweets. I don’t eat a whole lot of them these days, not unless Liquorice Allsorts are on supply!!! Thanks for the recollections and the cravings 🙂

Tallulah, oh sure, cigarettes and tobacco – how dare we! We used to let the spaceships go soggy on our tongue and then the sherbet simply escaped on its own – fab! Thanks for your lovely remark.

Talullah 5 years ago from SW France
Oh my goodness, this took me again! All those lovely sweets, though they are too candy for me as of late, and a few of them had been on the spot tooth-rot! I remember with fondness sherbet dabs, spaceships, and sweet ‘cigarettes’ (nonetheless accessible but political correctness has re-named them ‘sweet sticks’! Oh, and candy tobacco, too; now you’ve got actually received me pondering! Thanks for the trip down reminiscence lane. A effectively-written hub.

Angie, I forgor about licorice catherine wheels – yummy! Your dad will need to have had good style! I do get pleasure from Haribo especially those which mix both gum and marshmallow, I actually take pleasure in something sour as well. Thanks for commenting.

Flora, I love Werthers Unique – but these little devils are addictive! I tend not to eat many exhausting candies however I do get pleasure from a Werthers each from time to time. Thanks for commenting!

Lesley, I beloved Kola Cubes. particularly the soft centre! Wish I had managed to surrender sweets but I have not! Thanks as at all times in your kind comment.

FloraBreenRobison 5 years in the past
Ah, sure. Sweet is one thing I have never been in a position to surrender. I remember consuming licorice all types when I used to be little. I am sure Mother ate all of those right here. Dad is an enormous fan of licorice, I favor different candies. My current favourite onerous candies are from Werther’s Unique.

Kola cubes and pear drops, they convey back recollections – have not had them in years! that is a visit down memory lane, a ten pence combine up, these have been the days!!

An excellent hub and voted up!
Angie Jardine 5 years ago from Cornwall, land of the eternally youthful thoughts …

What have you began, Jools! I liked all of these issues besides the liquorice factor in the Sport Mixtures. I also love Dew Drops, Rhubarb and Custard and esp. the Flying Saucers.

Oh and the strawberry bootlaces and the liquorice novelty shapes. My dad beloved them too so I had to purchase him a selection field with liquorice catherine wheels and pipes and many others. each birthday.

Regardless that I’m now 63 I nonetheless have a daily craving for the fashionable equivalent of gums … the now-ubiquitous Haribo Sports activities Mix. I’m actually hooked and must eat them a bag at a time.

Peggy, thanks in your comment – yes, I really like the long licorice ‘laces’, Iused to just like the strawberry ones as effectively.

Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas
I was never that a lot of a sweet consuming fan however I cherished these long black strings of licorice which was just an occasional treat iron man birthday shirt 720 in our household after we were rising up. Thanks for the reminiscences! Voted up!

Bob – welcome, fellow Licorice Allsorts nut! They’re my absolute favourites, nothing else comes close and i take them on vacation with me just in case I can not get anywhere I’m going. I once ate 6 Bounties in a day (Milk Choc selection)within the 80s, a story which grew to become the stuff of legend with my workmates on the time however I solely have one every as soon as in while now. My sister once took a dislodged crown with her to the dentist, still smothered in Thornton’s toffee! Ta! for commenting.

diogenes 5 years ago from UK and Mexico
Hello Jools. Now you’ve began my sugar jones for the weekend!

Liquorice Allsorts are my all time favourits candies (sweets right here). I took some to my associates in a tiny Mexican village the place I lived for a few years and so they went wild over them, too.

I like Bounty Bars (darkish choc), Kit Cats, pear drops, barley sugars and all toffee (to hell with the plastic crowns)

nice hub…do not do it once more!!

Lynda, Ah, one other licorice fan! I simply love the stuff however I do try to behave myself a bit extra and just have them as a deal with now…however I miss ’em! Thanks as at all times on your comment!

AuthorJools99 5 years in the past from North-East UK
Chrae, Nice question – knowing me I’ve most likely failed to incorporate the mandatory modules required to make it an ‘official’ answer however I did take pleasure in writing the hub! Thanks so much on your comment, much appreciated.

Linda Bilyeu 5 years ago from Orlando, FL
I really like licorice! I believe I got a cavity or two from reading this hub! It was sooooooo candy!:)

chrae 5 years ago from Melbourne, Australia
superior hub!!! nice reply to my query and really loved a number of the historical past about the confectionery in the UK. I am not an enormous fan of licorice but everyone has their own tastes. Voted up, superior!! 🙂