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Poison Ivy Rope

For tree climbers, rope is one leg of 4 on the desk of efficiency and comfort—along with the harness, work-positioning lanyard, and handsaw. Without good interplay among these instruments and your hands, motion throughout the tree’s crown could be one thing lower than elegant.

Right here comes Poison Ivy. Not solely versatile for all climbing styles, with multiple colour choices from high visibility to pedestrian, it’s inexpensive for all climbing budgets, too. Poison Ivy, with its unique double-braid development, stays round when robin t-shirt in use. This highly coveted capacity allows easy operation with a wide range of climbing techniques. Poison Ivy also has the power to stay versatile and knot pleasant for those occasions when nothing but cordage on cordage will do. Durable and robust, the double-braid development delivers a lower elongation climbing line in a iowa hawkeye grey sweatshirt 2017 spliceable arborist rope.

Superb for climbers in search of restricted “bounce” and particularly attractive to stationary rope system climbers longing to abandon the necessity for 2 lines when transferring rope duties are on the day’s agenda. Beefier to the grip than different 24-strand traces. In contrast to different arborist climbing strains, Poison Ivy iowa hawkeye grey sweatshirt 2017 has no noticeable coating or fabric treatment to make the line feel tacky or slippery when new, which limits break-in time and enhances performance right out of the bag.