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The alien Brainiac takes discover, soon attacking and stealing the town of Kandor itself from the planet’s floor. Motion #866-67 , Action Annual #12 [the depictions do not match perfectly, especially as regards Ursa’s position]. In subject #867 Kara Zor-El describes this as having occurred solely “months” earlier than she (and hulk body shirt her cousin Kal-El) narrowly escaped Krypton’s destruction [in 1938]. Issue #866 captions it hulk body shirt “35 years ago,” however that clearly cannot be correct given other identified historical past about Krypton (and about Clark Kent’s age).

1939–[Spring]–Brainiac finds Argo Metropolis floating in area and assaults, integrating it into Kandor. Teenage Kara Zor-El escapes in a rocket, encased in Kryptonite rubble, headed for Earth. Action #869, Supergirl v5 #35 [the occasions depicted don’t fairly match perfectly]. Date approximate. Action #867 captions Brainiac’s assault on Kandor as “35 years ago,” while in Supergirl #35 Kara, after three years on earth, says “I was trapped in Kryptonite for thirty years.” Whereas neither figure can be taken at face worth given different recognized details of Superman’s backstory, however the net difference between them does level towards a tough estimate of time elapsed on Argo City, and it appears an excellent match for Kara’s differing ages there as depicted in the Supergirl flashback. Clearly Kara spends a longer time in hyperspace suspended animation than does Kal-El, arriving years later.

(Adventures of Superman #444, Sept. 1988)–THE SUPERGIRL SAGA–In the Pocket Universe, Lex Luthor creates a protoplasmic lifeform referred to as “Matrix.” Fashioning her within the likeness of Lana Lang and outfitting her with a costume harking back to Superboy’s, he dubs her Supergirl. After Pete Ross recalls assembly Superman years earlier, Luthor sends Supergirl to the actual universe 200 years previously, erroneously assuming that Superman can travel through time to seek out her. NOTES: Luthor created Supergirl two years before Superman’s second visit to the Pocket Universe. She originally believed that she was Lana Lang, imbued with tremendous-powers; it is unclear if anyone apart from Luthor knew the truth. The “protoplasmic lifeform” is an allusion to the lifeform created and destroyed in Adventure Comics #271 (Apr. 1960).

Superman v.2 #sixteen (Apr. 1988)–The Pocket Universe Supergirl is unearthed in Antarctica.
Adventures of Superman #442 (July 1988), Superman v.2 #20 (Aug. 1988)–After regaining consciousness, Supergirl finds herself with partial amnesia. She flies from Antarctica to Smallville and encounters Lana Lang and the Kents, who she is shocked to find are still alive. She then sets out after Superman. NOTES:Adventures of Superman #444 explains that the Pocket Universe’s Luthor had deliberately suppressed her reminiscences to scale back the risk of their enemies discovering their plan.

Superman v.2 #21 (Sept. 1988)–Superman encounters Supergirl in the air above Kansas. After an initial skirmish, Superman deduces that she is from the Pocket Universe, which causes her memory to return. She transports them each to her universe, where Superman meets the alternate Luthor.

Superman v.2 #22 (Oct. 1988)–Within the Pocket Universe, the three Kryptonian villains wipe out all remaining life on Earth, together with Pete Ross and the Pocket Universe counterparts of Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan, and Oliver Queen. Supergirl is blasted back to protoplasmic kind and the Pocket Universe Lex Luthor is killed. Superman uses Gold Kryptonite to strip the three villains of their powers and executes them with a chunk of Green Kryptonite. He returns to his personal universe with the badly wounded Supergirl, leaving her within the care of his mother and father.

Fashion 100% Cotton Casual Avengers X-Men Children's T-shirtChristmas With the Super-Heroes #2 (1989)–Deadman is given recommendation by the spirit of the Super Buddies Universe Supergirl. She says: “My title is Kara, though I doubt that’ll mean something to you.” He admits that he’s never heard of her.

The JLA hulk body shirt and Titans every regroup but once more. The principle JLA uses Overmaster’s orbital pod as a headquarters, whereas J’onn runs a training-oriented “JL Activity Power,” and Captain Atom soon kinds a breakaway crew unofficially referred to as “Extreme Justice.” Arsenal takes over Titans management, meanwhile, with new members, a new HQ, and authorities support. JL #zero, JLTF #zero, New Titans #zero , Extreme Justice #0 . The JLA includes a core of Marvel Lady, Nuklon, Obsidian, and Hawkman III. The JLTF consists of J’onn, Gypsy (age 19), the Ray, and different heroes. EJ consists of Beetle and Booster, Maxima, Wonderful Man II, and a Ron-Raymond-solely Firestorm. The Titans include Supergirl, GL, Donna (Darkstar) Troy, Impulse, and Injury, plus Terra and Mirage [the only “Team Titans” remaining in the principle timeline—see NT Annual #11 ].