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The Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens Theory We Hope We’re guardians of the galaxy t-shirt Fallacious About

Abrams has been very strategic to keep Luke Skywalker nearly utterly out of all the trailers, posters and Television Men’s Custom Ghost Rider Render Related Short Sleeve T-Shirt spots. Save for a quick shot of his mechanical arm reaching out to clutch R2-D2 (above) and some glimpses of what seems to be his lightsaber lost at Cloud City (beneath), we have seen nada of Luke. And J.J. has stated that this is done on objective, almost definitely for spoiler-related reasons, as a result of any shot of Luke would most likely give away something. Like, a shot of Luke in Sith robes Or in Darkish Jedi attire

Luke is perhaps missing from the trailers as a result of he has gone to the darkish side, guardians of the galaxy t-shirt and audiences clearly shouldn’t be seeing that proper now. Obviously there are plenty of causes Luke hasn’t been featured but, however we’re sticking with the dark side one to assist our concept.

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