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Unusual Or Creepy Totems And Animal Spirit Guides

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Paganism margin:0px !vital;” /> Slimy Animal Spirit Guides
Do you’ve gotten the heebie jeebies but Good! Then we’ll keep going and focus on the slimy animal spirit guides. Simply because they appear to be slimy doesn’t mean they don’t have an important message for you and your life.

Snail and Slug Totem
The snail was a creature that was quite sacred to the Aztecs, as its shell was seen as a illustration of the cycle of life. The snail would possibly also have a message for you to take issues slowly, benefit from the world round you a bit. The snail additionally says that you may protect yourself by going house. By retreating to that place within yourself. However remember to come back out when the coast is obvious! The slug totem is a representation of fertility and healing. To study more about the snail and slug animal spirit guides/totem click here.

Snake Totem
The snake normally sends individuals operating for the hills, however do not be alarmed if the snake totem has appeared in your life. The snake might need a foul fame to various religions, but if we go further again in time we will see that the snake was also a very good symbol to numerous historic cultures. The snake’s winding image can be seen used in several symbols such as the Ouroboros and the Caduceus. The Caduceus symbol is used in healthcare – think of the workers with the blue snakes wrapped around it. The snake totem teaches us about eternity, healing, and initiation into a deeper form of spirituality. Are you able to shed your previous skin and take on the new

Frog Totem
Regardless of the frog’s repute for being slimy or gross, the frog can educate us many classes. The frog is a strong symbol of evolution, and of bridging the hole between the spiritual and mundane world. This is because the frog can survive in both water and on earth…in a position to forge a connection between sacred parts. The frog also represents fertility.

Scary Spooky Scavenger Totems
Vulture Totem
Ew! Gross! You might be pondering. These birds are straight up cannibals! Yes, whereas that’s true, I imagine we forget to see the significance of this. These birds are scavenger birds, which means they may take something dying or useless in nature and turn it into gas for themselves. So in a curious method, they take death and turn it into life. Nekhbet, an ancient Egyptian goddess, is related to the vulture. And the vulture was used as a logo to signify the historical city of the lifeless or Necropolis. The priestesses right here wore robes made of Egyptian vulture feathers. Even though this scavenger bird is feared or leaves some disgusted in fashionable occasions, it was revered in historic occasions.

Jackal Totem
The jackal in Ancient Egypt was intently linked with the god of embalming, Anubis. Anubis was depicted with the pinnacle of a black canine, or what we assume in trendy occasions to have been the pinnacle of a black jackal. Due to this fact the jackal is also a representation of the Underworld or afterlife. He is a psychopomp, which implies he’s there to guide these from life by the levels of dying. The jackal totem represents dedication, protection, and the end of 1 section to start anew.

Shark Totem
What kind of emotions does the picture of a shark stir within you Fear Intrigue Excitement The shark is a really feared animal, but in addition a very powerful animal and powerful totem to have. If the shark totem is appearing to you, it’s telling you to rely in your instincts…to focus on that primal power within your intestine. At the same time, additionally it is saying to never be fearful, to know that you are powerful. The shark totem represents speed, mystery, and essentially the most historical of ancients.

Possum Totem
The possum is an animal within the United States that sends previous women into a frenzy. “They appear like massive white rats and may dangle from the trees!” I have to admit that I have been a bit turned off to the idea of possums earlier than, but recently realized their significance. Having the possum as a totem animal is rare but can occur and is special when it does occur. He represents the power to cover, to flee his predators by faking demise. He is good and outwits essentially the most clever predator. The possum totem will teach you to rely in your instincts (simply because the shark will), and knows a few of essentially the most earthy wisdom one can find.

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Maurice Glaude 18 months in the past from Mobile, AL
I have a Camel and an axolotl, i know very weird. I wrote about them in my hub, What’s the Which means of the Camel Power Animal as your Totem

Earlier than this experience I solely thought of totems like the acquainted Eagles, wolves.
Emma Vine 3 years ago from Texas, USA

Wow, nobody ever mentions the Beetle. The Beetle has been in my totem for years. I’ve quested for years for the proper Beetle charm to put on on my neck once i need the Spirit with me – it hasn’t been found but. Thanks a lot for mentioning the Beetle here, it made my evening.

Blake Ford Corridor 3 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings
Hooray KTD. You have redeemed the lowly but sacred dung beetle. You recognize I don’t suppose it’s any coincidence that the Beatles were such a successful musical group both. I’m so pleased to see the creepy totems get their day in the sun. The only other one I may consider is maybe a worm, I guess any individual has a worm totem animal. Especially since so many people like to bait hooks funny star wars tee shirts quang with worms and go fishing. That or another creepy one can be a tree sloth. However I really like love liked this hub. As all the time great reading your work KTD, the queen hubbing honeybee. Carry on Hubbing. Blake4d

Rebecca 3 years ago from USA
This was just flat out fun! I’m glad I don’t have these as a totem, however I feel we can be taught from all life, so I am not shocked to see you compiled a terrific record on these critters and creatures! I believe personally that totems can change all through life. I seem to have 3 right now. Butterfly, Owl, and Crow. Glad I haven’t got a slug, although I really like them! lol

Jessica Marello 3 years in the past from United States
I wouldn’t discover the snake odd, but the vulture and shark would frighten me for certain. But all animals have a message to get across it seems, irrespective of the stereotypes we place on them. I enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing!

Seafarer Mama – What a lovely thought! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I too had the frog come to me this previous October on many occasions.

Eddy – Thanks a lot!
Mythicalmethods – I like that you mentioned that. “Life is not cute or beautiful always why ought to all totems ” Blessings.

JS Matthew – Glad I could have taught one thing new. Love turtles!
JS Matthew three years in the past from Massachusetts, USA

Very attention-grabbing. I was conscious of some of these totems and discovered about some new ones. My animal totem is the turtle. I enjoyed reading this. Up and shared.

Mythicalmethods 3 years ago

I think there may be one thing fascinating a couple of totem being considerably intimidating, it’d even the significance of it–a boost of confidence maybe I actually like that you address the animals that we as humans both concern, or disgust us as a result of life isn’t cute, or beautiful all the time, why should all totems be the same Adore it!

Eiddwen three years in the past from Wales
Wow I totally enjoyed this learn and voting up for sure.

It leaves much food for thought and one to positively vote up.

Karen A Szklany 3 years ago from New England
Nice hub,Kitty. So glad to have come across it.

This past summer season, I used to be visited usually by dragonflies, frogs, and spiders, so I regarded them up in my Medicine Card deck, and posted the cards with their photos on my livingroom wall. Now I enjoy their energy on the coldest of deep winter days.

Was additionally visited by a June Bug beetle a few years in the past, too. Very lovely. :Zero)
Voted up, Pinned, and Tweeted this hub. ~:Zero)

AuthorNicole Canfield 3 years ago from the Ether
WiccanSage – Haha. I understand fully. Some bugs don’t trouble me, while others creep me the f*ck out! LOL. Thanks for studying!

CMHypno – I agree one hundred%. We are below this aesthetic mindset however overlook funny star wars tee shirts quang to see the opposite things on the planet as significant in direction of our spiritual growth, generally. Thanks for reading and commenting!

CMHypno 3 years in the past from Other Side of the Sun
Fascinating hub Kittythedreamer. I feel from the ones you’ve mentioned I might discover the slug to be probably the most gross, however every creature on this planet has advanced to fill a specialised and crucial area of interest in its local ecosystems. I also think that having an unusual totem animal is a method of instructing us that it’s not always what we perceive because the cutest, most lovely creatures which can be of probably the most worth and that every one life is equally valuable and valuable.

Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago
Ha, fascinating. I believe i might take something but the bug. The bug would ship me running. I’m okay with snakes, mice and different things like that. Even sharks- though they’re scary. But I have a bug phobia, it may put me within the hospital with anxiety attacks if I had been having visions or visitations from bugs. Nice hub as ordinary, thanks so much!