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Batman Arkham Knight Wiki Information

Batman Arkham Knight contains quite a lot of Costumes that Batman can equip in his adventures throughout the sport. Certain fits are obtained by enjoying and finishing the main Story, whereas different costumes might be obtained through DLC, or console and retailer specific preorders.

To Equip these Costumes, entry the Showcase gallery from the games principal menu and select the desired pores and skin and select “set energetic.”

Batman Costumes
Batsuit V7.Forty three

The Batsuit V7.Forty three is the suit Batman has worn since the events of Arkham City, and is sporting it at first of the sport. Till Batman aquires his new swimsuit, he shall be unable to preform Fear Takedowns or eject into a glide from the batmobile.

Obtained: Start of the game
Batsuit V8.03

The Batsuit V8.03 is the suit Batman acquires very early on in the game. It is new armory system allows for extra fluid motion, and can interface with the Batmobile more easily. It will also present put on and tear as the story progresses.

Obtained: Early in game
Batsuit V8.04

The Batsuit V8.04 is identical to the v8.03 go well with in each way, with the added bonus of being in pristine condition, and never degrading with any put on or tear. In essence, it is the suit you acquire early on, without the battle damage.

Obtained: Beat the primary Story
DLC Costumes

New fifty two Batman Pores and skin
The new 52 costume is based off more moderen DC comics, and likewise comes with new costumes for both Robin and Nightwing. As of now the pack was only accessible for these buying the Limited Version of Batman: Arkham Knight, but is now downloadable for those with the season go.

Obtained: A part of “The new fifty two” Collection skins, which comes with buying the “Restricted Version” of the game, or Season Go (Now Accessible as DLC)

1989 Film Batman Skin
The 1989 Batsuit takes its inspiration from the Tim Burton film “Batman” (In addition to some modifications that appeared in the 1992 sequel, “Batman Returns) the pores and skin comes bundled with the batmobile from the same origins, and new race tracks impressed by the films.

Obtained: Purchase the 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack for Batman: Arkham Knight (August Launch)
Flashpoint flash lightning bolt shirt Batman Pores flash lightning bolt shirt and skin

The Flashpoint costume is a reference to the Flashpoint collection of comics where Thomas Wayne has taken on the mantle of Batman, instead of Bruce (and is a way more ruthless Batman to boot). This pores and skin is the first costume accessible to those who purchase the Season Pass DLC.

Obtained: Purchase the Season Cross DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight
Anime Batman Pores and skin

The Anime Batman Skin comes from the Batman: Gotham Knight series. To obtain, choose the WBPlay from the start menu and log in to obtain the costume.

Zur En Arrh Batman Skin
The wierdly dressed Zur En Arrh Batman Skin comes from the alternate version of Batman seen in a number of comics. Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is the truth is a backup personality of Bruce Wayne’s – to be used in circumstances of flash lightning bolt shirt excessive psychological trauma. This version of Batman is much more psychotic, and sees visions of a creature known as Bat-Mite, among different apparations.

Obtained: Login to WBPlay
1970s Batman Pores and skin

The 1970’s Batman Pores and skin is a traditional look on the Batman comics of old, featuring Batman with his conventional yellow and bacl bat-symbol, and contrasting blue and gray shade scheme.

Arkham Origins Batman Pores and skin
The Arkham Origins Batman Pores and skin is a callback to the last Batman Arkham game, a prequel developed by the Warner Bros. dev team, as an alternative of Rocksteady.

Iconic Grey and Black Batman Pores and skin
Perhaps one of the crucial acquainted costumes in Batman’s historical past, the Iconic Grey & Black Batman Skin takes its cue from many of the batman comics design, eradicating the yellow circle and conserving the gold utility belt in opposition to the contrasting black and gray color scheme.

Obtained: Buy the Bat-Family Pores and skin Pack
1st Appearance Batman Skin

The first Appearance skin is based on the very first costume Batman wore in his debut Detective Comics, and features purple gloves and for much longer ears. It’s at the moment unique only to those that purchased the Serious Edition of the sport, but will probably be made obtainable to others in the future.

Obtained: Purchase the “Severe Version” of Batman Arkham Knight on (Now Available as DLC)

Dark Knight Returns Batman Skin
The Dark Knight Returns costume is adapted from Frank Miller’s well-known interpretation in comic type, making Batman appear bulkier than he normally is. It was initially obtainable to Computer users bundled with the Batman Beyond Skin, and is now out there seperatley as DLC.

Obtained: Purchase the “Gotham’s Future” pores and skin pack, which comes with the Steam edition of the game (Now
Obtainable as DLC)

Batman Beyond Skin
The Batman Beyond skin is based off the animated series taking place after the events of Batman The Animated Collection, however has a Rocksteady aptitude to the design. It was initially obtainable to Computer users bundled with the Darkish Knight Returns Pores and skin, and is now available seperatley as DLC.

Obtained: Buy the “Gotham’s Future” pores and skin pack, which comes with the Steam edition of the game (Now Obtainable as DLC)

Unique Arkham Batman Pores and skin
The suit that started the sequence, the unique Arkham Batman Pores and skin is made in homage to the go well with worn throughout Batman: Arkham Asylum, the first of the Arkham series of games.

Obtained: Bought as seperate DLC costume
2016 Batman V Superman Batman Pores and skin

The film might not be here yet, but the costume is ready to go. The 2016 Batman v Superman Batman pores and skin is modeled off the upcoming DC Comics movie, where Batman (wanting similar to his Dark Knight Returns costume) is played by Ben Affleck.

Traditional Series Batman Skin
The Traditional Sequence Batman Skin is Rocksteady’s take on Adam West’s costume from the 1960’s tv show. Presently, it was solely out there to PS4 owners, but is now out there to all.

Justice League 3000 Batman Skin
The Justice League 3000 Batman Pores and skin takes it’s inspiration from the new 52 comedian collection, happening in the thirty first century. Just like the Adam West pores and skin, it’s solely available to PS4 customers at the moment.

Obtained: Free for PS4 Customers as a part of the PS4 Exclusive Skins Pack (obtainable as DLC after Fall 2015)

Batman Earth 2 Pores and skin
The Batman Earth 2 pores and skin was made obtainable to certain E3 theatrical event attendees by way of a voucher code.

Obtained: Solely avaialble through a code handed out during PlayStation E3 Expertise
Robin Costumes

New 52 Robin Pores and skin
The brand new 52 costume relies off more recent DC comics, and in addition comes with new costumes for both Batman and Nightwing. As of now the pack was only available for those purchasing the Restricted Edition of Batman: Arkham Knight, however is now downloadable for these with the season pass.