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Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 12

When the crew of the Ghost agrees to help two refugees who’re revealed to be surviving Lasat, Zeb should come to terms with his past to assist his people reach their new home.

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Star Wars Rebels / S02E12 : Legends of the Lasat
Season 2, Episode 12 | Aired on February three, 2016 | Tv-Y7 | 25 min. | Disney XD

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Season 2
Season 2
Season 4
Season 3
Season 2
Season 1

Episode 1
The Lost Commanders
Episode 2
Relics of the Old Republic

Episode three
All the time Two There Are
Episode 4
Brothers of flash gordon movie t shirt korea the Broken Horn

Episode 5
Wings of the Grasp
Episode 6
Blood Sisters

Episode 7
Stealth Strike
Episode eight
The way forward for the Power

Episode 9
Episode 10
A Princess on flash gordon movie t shirt korea Lothal

Episode 11
The Protector of Concord Daybreak
Episode 12
Legends of the Lasat

Episode 13
The decision
Episode 14

Episode 15
The Honorable Ones
Episode sixteen
Shroud of Darkness

Episode 17
The Forgotten Droid
Episode 18
The Thriller of Chopper Base

Episode 19
Twilight of the Apprentice (1)
Episode 20
Twilight of the Apprentice (2)

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