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Gambit Vs. Catwoman Vs. Black Cat

Frank Williams: Oh, no. You people need this You’re taking me out with you!
JAY: Oh goodness! PAT: I do not consider he simply swallowed the jewel! JAY: Wow, this leaves our thieves in a sticky situation, does not it Each are eyeing each other and the moderately smug looking Frank Williams with equal disgust.
Gambit: Okay, chere. I pitch, you catch. Catwoman: Go.

PAT: Uh… Gambit fastballs an explosive card… blowing the chain on the cage… JAY: The cage falls! The acid! PAT: No! Catwoman snaps her whip over a chain… catches the highest of the cage… it holds! Frank is suspended inches above the acid! JAY: Now they’ll swing firefly workout shirt quantum him over to the aspect! Frank seems shocked. He’s just staring at Catwoman.
Frank Williams: Oh, Child! You’re unimaginable. I wish I may quit this silly jewel and simply spend every week on an island with you…

The ultimate VOTE
‘Nuff Mentioned! Remaining VOTE: Gambit: 437 Catwoman: 366 Black Cat: 109

PAT: Huh Where’d Frank go Why is Gambit immediately holding the jewel JAY: Pat, word is that the jewel grants a wish. PAT: Really Green_Lantern Oh. Poor Catwoman…

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Photos for this weeks massive combat got here from:
The Gambit! Web page.
This cool Spidey web page.
Catwoman scanned by moi.

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