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How many Protons , Electrons, And Neutrons Are In An Atom

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How many protons , electrons, and neutrons are in an atom – PowerPoint PPT Presentation

– By zamir
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– Uploaded on 2014-08-21

What number of protons , electrons, and neutrons are in an atom . Step 1. Use your periodic table to find a component. Kylo_Ren Step 2. The number of Protons (+ cost)

PowerPoint Slideshow about ‘How many protons , electrons, and neutrons are in an atom ‘ – zamir
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– Use your periodic table to search out a component

– The variety of Protons (+ cost)
– The atomic quantity = # protons

– Kr has 36 protons

– The number of Electrons (- cost)
– Remember atoms haven’t any general charge.

– Atoms should have an equal # of protons and electrons
– #protons=#electrons

– Kr has 36 electrons
– The variety of Neutrons (no charge)

– Mass # (atomic weight rounded to nearest whole #)
– Neutrons = Mass # -Protons

– Neutrons= 84 -36
– Neutrons = forty eight

– Discover the protons (p+), electrons (e-), neutrons (n) of Oxygen
– Discover the p+, e-, female robin shirt jacket n of Xenon (Xe)

– Discover the p+, e-, n of Zirconium (Zr)
– Protons = 8

– Electrons = 8
– Neutrons = sixteen-8 = eight

– Protons = fifty four
– Electrons = fifty four

– Neutrons = 131-54 = 77
– Variety of Protons = Atomic #

– Variety of Electrons = Protons
– Variety of Neutrons = Mass # – Protons

– Protons = forty
– Electrons = forty

– Neutrons = 91-forty = fifty one
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