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How Does Mass Conservation Work In the MCU Ant

TL;DR – It does not.
The fundamental concept for darth vader costume shirt the way in which that the Ant-Man suit works out of universe is darth vader costume shirt a bastardisation of the Sqaure-Cube Legislation, which is the idea that as a form grows in size, its volume and mass grows faster and as such bones and muscles should be exponentially stronger (and due to this fact larger and heavier) so as to outlive the considerably larger loads that they are dealing Men’s Print Injustice gods among us Superman and Shazam Short Sleeve T Shirts with. This law additionally implies that smaller animals are comparatively stronger when compared to bigger animals, which makes for a reasonably cool superpower premise.

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But it’s most likely worth declaring that even in the examples you give as the basic conservation of mass thought working in Ant-Man, it does not truly work. You say that “He falls from a rooftop onto a automotive, denting darth vader costume shirt the roof”, but I’m fairly certain that one thing as dense as Ant-Man when shrunk would have gone straight via the roof of the automotive – let’s remembers that this is effectively only a 200lb object that is simply an inch or so lengthy and it is largest, probably making Ant-Man one of many densest objects on Earth (and definitely unable to journey on a flying ant named Anthony).