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Drawing Fantasy Art: How To draw A Robotic

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Drawing Fantasy Art: How To draw A Robotic
Up to date on January 7, 2012 Wayne Tully moreContact Author How To attract Fantasy Artwork Inspirations Movies

Fantasy Art Inspirations Videos
Want to be impressed when drawing fantasy art Then take a look at this youtube video channel!
Drawing Robots
Robots, made of metallic, wires and different steel elements of armour plating. There are a lot of forms of robots you can draw and they’re very easy to draw, starting from circles and cylinders, or if you wish to be humorous, sausage and balls.

These are good frameworks to construct up a cyborg or robotic, because the joints and head could possibly be the circles and the arms and legs cold be the cylinders. I find this the easiest way to draw robots, additionally for those who exaggerate the two easy shapes with a bit bit of imagination you’ll be able to create all manner of different sized robotic designs.

In our drawing examine, we’re going to go through the steps to attract your very own robot.
Drawing Robots And Different Cool Stuff Books On Amazon
Ralph Masiello’s Robotic Drawing Guide Purchase Now First Sketch Of A Robot
Drafting The Robotic
Right here we attempt to go for the framework of a robotic design, we want to simply seize the basics of our robot and we do that as mentioned above sausage and balls circles and cylinders, these create the arms, legs and all of the joints, it’s solely the physique that is another form entirely.

Attempt drawing your robot design with fatter or thinner circles and cylinders and even larger, this could create a totally completely different robotic design altogether, right now at the drafting stage anything goes!!

Constructing Up Your Robotic Drawing
Creating The Robotic Drawing Additional
The further growth of your robotic turns into simpler once you just go with the stream, robots are clunky trying things, but should you comply with the steps of utilizing the circles and cylinders you possibly can find yourself with humanoid wanting figures in your robot which appears to be like more higher, however actually that’s not essential, it is the construction of your robotic design that issues at the very starting.

I have added a gun on the robots left arm and different design elements that make it look like a robot.
Finalising Your Robot Design
Fix Your Robotic!
Fixing your robotic is just a matter of straightening up the legs and the head and some different bits and items, that is the final particulars of your robotic drawing simply to attempt to get it right.

Your drawing however could also be slightly completely different and that i encourage you not to draw the way I do, extra like take your personal ideas and ideas and turn them into something totally unique.

Your robotic sketch should begin to look a little clearer now.
Fully Inked Robotic Drawing
Black And White Line Art Robot
Inking a drawing is one of my final steps that I do to cement the line art and the initial idea in a more permanent form, adding black ink doesn’t need to be difficult with a number of cross hatching or something like that, we just have to go over the pencil traces and improve on them if doable.

In case you look on the earlier robot sketch, there are slight variations to the ultimate version here, just remember that despite the fact that that is the ultimate drawing, you may presumably alter it some extra when you’ve got a good laptop artwork software package deal equivalent to photoshop.

Properly I hope you take pleasure in drawing robots!
It’s also possible to check out my webpage Drawing Fantasy Art for more ideas to draw tons of various fantasy art creatures and other related stuff.

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Drawing Robots
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sendingAuthorWayne Tully 2 years in the past from Hull City United Kingdom

cheers now! This is an outdated drawing, I’ll update with new data and drawings in some unspecified time in the future.
peachy 2 years ago from House Sweet Home

you might be are really good at robot drawing. I ought to do this myself
wayne 5 years ago

dude tis is coolllllllllllllllllllllllll
charlton 5 years in the past

yo mama 6 years ago

Its really kool

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amara 6 years ago

what up man how you do man
daviddwarren22 6 years ago

Amazing hub. I wished to attempt it :).
poop 6 years ago

i don’t understand it
AuthorWayne Tully 6 years in the past from Hull Metropolis United Kingdom

wirelessbrain12 6 years ago
wow nice job very artistic

XZyphen 7 years in the past
Totally Superior Bro!

poo 7 years ago

nicole.reilly 7 years in the past from Austin, TX
So that is how they draw the robots I’ve seen in some comedian strips. Nice hub! Very informative!

can’t look forward to the more complex robots i just began drawing a couple of months ago i was terrible at drawing and superior in sculptures after which a number of months ago i started to attract well all of sudden

Cheers there Roxsox! I can draw better robots than this and i intend to do just a few more robot drawing tutorials with much more complex robots quite soon.

I am glad you tried drawing a robotic, the principle factor about these tutorials is to mainly inspire individuals to attract their very own versions of characters and designs and that is my principal aim….

roxsox 7 years ago from Bulgaria
i tried to attract it the first time it was awful since i tried to repeat it exactly but the second time it came out fairly cool since i drew my own robotic(i used my eraser lots although)although i can only dream of being as good as you

junglegoerge 7 years ago
Wow!it is so cool waynet.I prefer it.

Thanks Michael!
Glad to inspire someone!

michael 7 years ago
thanks you inspired me to be the very best i will be at drawing i actually admire it from me your good pal michael 🙂

Cheers Neil!
Bought hundreds extra drawing hubpages lined up.

George Poe 7 years ago from United Kingdom
Very good article. You write properly and supply some invaluable data..

Cool, would be great to see your robot drawing…cheers!
cavetroll 7 years ago

Great work! This seems to be like something I need to take a shot at.
Cheers Mike!

This was a work in progress sort of robotic drawing and i do intend to do a few more complex robotic drawings to add to it in time.

Mike Lickteig 7 years in the past from Lawrence KS USA
Nice as always. I can draw the robotic from Misplaced in Area or Robotman from the unique Doom Patrol comics. Anything unique I do finally ends up trying like one of those two.

Thanks for sharing as always.
Thanks Amez!

The smartest thing to do is whenever you finish one piece of artwork, take a very good copy of it before you sell or give it away, that is what I do with my finest art or drawings and paintings.

Would like to see some portraits!!
Amez 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

Great Sketches, your a Natural Artist. I take pleasure in looking at your work. I most draw Protraits. Drawback is I by no means thought a lot about saving any for my very own, so I don’t have many to point out. I’d give anything to get copys of all of them once more.

Cheers Isaac!
Yes have a go, because I intend to do just a few extra robotic drawing examples finally.

Isaac 7 years in the past
I feel Robots are one of the coolest issues to attract as a result of once you draw them it’s like programming them.

It is really fascinating.
P.S. The drawings really really good!

I will try drawing this one at the moment, undoubtedly.
Cheers…. Robots can look anyway you need them to look, could have one other go soon!

heart4theword 7 years ago from hub
I’ve drawn some made up robots, yet they weren’t sophisticated, nor armed…like your bot:)

branden 7 years in the past
Fundamental it look really easy

AuthorWayne Tully 7 years in the past from Hull City United Kingdom
Thanks Kimsy!

Obtained extra to return!
kims3003 7 years ago

Wow. Great article!
kittleboy 7 years ago from India – Hyderabad

Gotta do extra of those!

nicomp really 8 years in the past from Ohio, USA
Superb. You make it look too straightforward.

I’d watch some dancing on the tv and document it then freeze body and draw from what you see or find pictures online of two people dancing and then use that as reference.

Sure I still have these Todd Mcfarlane spiderman comics and Spawn and pretty much every little thing else he did…the hulk, sure his inking is one of the best with a number of detail and a fantastic style too, the truth is there are loads of artists whose inking is wonderful and it is no marvel they are making a living from it!!

Cheers there Ben!
Ben Zoltak 8 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

Exquisitely rendered, thanks for not laying into me on my newbie’s drawing page! Now how do you draw a robot dancing, or conversely, somebody dancing the robot Nice inkwork, are you a fan of Todd McFarlane’s Spiderman That man modified what I assumed I knew about inking.

Good luck! dark knight joker t shirt online video Karmen88!
karmen88 eight years in the past from San Francisco

This is really good I think I will try to draw this one. Want me luck. 🙂
bailey eight years in the past

OMG that is nice i cannot draw that solely a geious can draw that!!!!
AuthorWayne Tully 8 years in the past from Hull Metropolis United Kingdom

Excellent! this hubpage is due an update with some video stuff…search for it quickly!
Cheers now!

james 8 years ago
yo i tried drawing it for homework its gonna be great colored with gel pen yo

chris 8 years ago
that’s soooooo awesome dude totally

jennifer123 eight years ago
it seems onerous to .

zens28 8 years ago
That is cool bro you do griffitti try

kailierty 8 years in the past
do u know what i menn