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The Holy Oak

The majesty of the Oak has been recognized by many cultures. The Celts, the Germanic and Nordic tribes, and the ancient Greeks all attributed this tree to their principal god. To them the Oak represented power, protection and sturdiness. The fiery Oak has robust masculine qualities; it is an emblem of inside and outer strength, courage and nobility of soul.

A wholesome tree easily lives a thousand years. The wood is reknowned for its power; something made from oak will last lengthy. The tree has a resilience in opposition to thunder and even appears to draw it. Therefore its attribution to various gods of thunder, like Thor and Zeus/Jupiter.

A sacred oak kinds the center of the Greek oracle of Dodoni, and Zeus already for centuries answers your questions by the rustling of the wind by means of its leaves. Germanic tribes made peace and administered justice under an oak. Each the Germans and the Celts celebrated the equinoxes with large fires from oak-wood.

The druids, the Celtic priests-magicians, had a vegetation cult by which they worshipped the spirits of several bushes. To the druids the oak was thought-about to be chosen by the gods if a mistletoe grew on it; this was a very special combination of the sacred tree of the chief-god with the sacred all-healing viscum album. Superman It was a spiritual marriage between solar and moon, heaven and earth. And it was a double signal of the eternity of life, when the tree of the sun-god, who ruled life and loss of life, was fertilized by the evergreen (symbolizing everlasting life) mistletoe. In an attempt to adapt pagan beliefs to christanity the following clarification is sometimes given to the mixture oak and mistletoe: the chicken that unfold the seed of the mistletoe to the oak is the Holy Spirit, the viscum album is Jesus, and the oak-tree is God.

The druids discovered similarities between the traits of trees and human beings. Based on the druid horoscope each a part of the yr is ruled by a tree, and persons born under that influence show sure character treats.

Not surprisingly the druid oak-type is born on the spring equinox, 21 march, when the sunlight turns into stronger. Oak-sorts are strongwilled, hardworking, unbiased, daring and selfconfident folks. They’re firmly grounded in their very own opinion, what also means that they can be stubborn and inflexible. They’re loyal, practical, life like, enterprise oriented and will work on until they reach their purpose.

Within the Bach flower therapy we use oak for the courageous hard employees who will never hand over, who will tireless proceed in their dedication to a sure job, irrespective of how exhausted or depressed they could also be. These dutiful and responsible people don’t enable themselves any relaxation.

In herbal therapy we too use the oak (Quercus robur) to assist regain energy for the exhausted and chronic ailing person, or to extend power for the one with a weak constitution. For this goal we prepare a tea or tincture of the young bark, younger leaves and the acorns. The oak comprises a great amount of cool star wars tee shirts menu calcium, which builds up energy cool star wars tee shirts menu and immunity. Because of the calcium oak can play a regulating position in issues with the thyroid gland, with osteoporosis or bone pains. Resting with your back leaning towards an oak will miraculously improve your power.

Tea of the bark, externally applied, is an efficient assist in opposition to eczema, acne, psoriasis, piles, ulcurs and burns. Here the doctrine of signatures teaches that the tough bark can have a healing effect on skinproblems. The oak is a powerful adstringent; very helpful in profuse bleedings, diarrhoea or oedema.

And final but not least: the druids believe that at all times carrying an acorn in your pocket will ensure a youthful cool star wars tee shirts menu appearance!

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