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Lex Luthor, Jr

Lex Luthor, Jr. is the son of Lex Luthor, cool star wars tee shirts mens who lived on the planet Lexor in the pre-Crisis universe. Lex senior had become the planet’s champion and took a spouse, Ardora, whom he visited sporadically when not on Earth.

Upon his last visit to the planet, Ardora shocked her husband with the reveal of a son that they had produced. Over the next weeks, throughout which Lex senior had committed himself to a reformed life on Lexor, his son was cool star wars tee shirts mens a supply of great joy.

Superman ultimately caught up with Lex senior who had happened upon a hidden source of superior technology left behind one of Lexor’s Men’s Iron Man Cartoon Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts extinct civilizations. Lex built an armored go well with from the wreckage, strong sufficient to battle a Superman weakened by the planet’s crimson sun.

During the battle, Lex’s offensive interacted with the neutrarod he had constructed to stabilize the Star_Trek planet’s core. The outcome was a chain response that instantly destroyed the planet, together with his spouse and son.