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Infinity War Rumors We Hope Are True (And Others We Hope Aren’t)

The Avengers: Infinity Struggle trailer has lastly arrived and it is glorious. The trailer was released on November twenty ninth and immediately set the internet ablaze, racking up a document 200 million views in simply 24 hours to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

Infinity War is the culminating movie event with ten years of masterful storytelling within the making that began with Iron Man back in 2008 and runs by way of Black Panther, set for launch in February.

When Nick Fury approached Tony Stark relating to the “Avengers Initiative,” fans salivated at the prospect of seeing their favourite Marvel heroes showing on display collectively.

Then the mid-credit scene of 2012’s The Avengers confirmed audiences that the initial crossover was solely the start of an epic shared universe that would unfold in three meticulously crafted phases.

Infinity Warfare shall be the beginning of the tip of Phase three as it will likely be followed by Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Avengers 4 earlier than Section four takes the MCU in a brand new course fully.

With the hype for the film rapidly growing, listed here are the eight Avengers: Infinity Battle Rumors We Hope Are True (And 7 We Hope Aren’t).

15. HOPE: The avengers will fight separate battles early on
Of all of the pictures revealed within the Infinity Battle trailer, the more intriguing by far has acquired to be the one among Captain America, Black Panther, Black Widow, the Winter Soldier, Hulk, Warfare Machine, Falcon, and Okoye working (and flying) into battle. As fun as the shot is for the characters featured, it’s also telling for the characters omitted.

Missing are Physician Unusual, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. In truth, no shots of those characters seem to point out them in this battle at all (though a Hulkbuster armor does make an look).

Either these characters have died or otherwise been incapacitated by this point in the film (unlikely) or they’re dealing with a battle elsewhere. Not solely would this be brilliant planning by Thanos (to divide and conquer), but will probably be a visual feast for audiences.

14. HOPE NOT: Imaginative and prescient lives
Vision needs to die. This will sound harsh, however it’s true. Ever since he first confirmed up with the thoughts stone imbedded in his head, he was marked for death. How may he not be Thanos needs the stone and, as the first trailer confirmed us, he’s going to get it.

That being stated, rumors have began circulating suggesting the removing of the stone from Vision’s head won’t necessarily kill him however will as an alternative simply flip him right into a human.

Hopefully this isn’t the case. While Vision’s demise could also be predictable, not killing him can be a cop out. And even assuming the elimination of the stone doesn’t kill Vision outright, what motive would Thanos (or whoever takes the stone) have for sparing him afterward

As an alternative, Imaginative and prescient needs to meet his demise and Scarlet Witch must be on a brutal (and wonderful) quest for revenge from that moment on.

Thirteen. HOPE: Thanos completes the gauntlet by the film’s end
The plot of Infinity Conflict needs to be relatively straight ahead: the Avengers discover that Thanos is attempting to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet, and so they got down to cease him.

Ten years of films have conditioned MCU fans to consider that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will prosper by the film’s end, which is exactly why Infinity Warfare ought to be completely different.

If the top of Phase 3 goes to be the epic event that Marvel Studios and audiences world wide are hoping it is going to be, then Thanos must succeed. Infinity Conflict must end with the Avengers defeated and Thanos in possession of probably the most powerful object in the universe.

This manner Avengers four may be a narrative of redemption in which the MCU’s mightiest heroes are compelled to rise from the ashes (with out a few of their fallen comrades) to once again take on the best risk the MCU has ever identified.

12. HOPE NOT: Peter Parker dies
One scene that appeared in the Infinity Conflict footage proven at Comic Con that didn’t seem in the official trailer is a close-up of Peter Parker apologizing to Tony Stark after what appeared to be the former’s first combat with Thanos.

The scene appears to foreshadow the eventual demise of Peter by the hands of cool iron man t shirt 2016 the Mad Titan (and even the trailer seems to counsel this with Thanos manhandling the web slinger with ease).

Whereas the greatness of Infinity War will definitely depend on a couple of Avengers assembly their ends, one of those Avengers had better not be Peter Parker. Tom Holland’s (and extra importantly Marvel Studios’) depiction of the character has been spot-on, and killing him off simply three movies in could be a colossal mistake. If anyone is going to survive Thanos’ wrath, it had higher be Spider-Man.

11. HOPE: Hela returns
In a cinematic universe usually criticized for having bland villains, Hela rises above the remainder. In Thor: Ragnarok, Cate Blanchett’s Goddess of Death is powerful, ruthless, motivated, and every bit the formidable foe for the God of Thunder (aka the Lord of Thunder aka the God of Hammers).

Actually, it wasn’t even Thor but a mountainous Surtur who delivered the blow that lastly brought her down, though we hope not for good.

Hela returning in Infinity War to play the MCU’s version of Lady Dying (with whom Thanos falls in love with within the comics) could be most welcome. The character was simply too cool (and Blanchett’s efficiency too magnetic) for her to be a one-off villain.

We are able to solely hope that she returns to take her place beside Thanos in his quest to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet and produce balance to the universe.

10. HOPE NOT: Loki betrays Thor (again)
Each time Loki seems in an MCU movie, two things happen: Tom Hiddleston additional endears himself to fans despite the diabolical actions of his character (as a result of the man is just so damn charming) and the God of Mischief betrays his adoptive-brother Thor. It’s as simple as that. If Loki is within the movie, then audiences know a double-cross is within the works.

That being stated, it’s time for Loki to grow as a character and to, nicely, stop betraying his brother. The shot of Loki handing the Tesseract over to an unseen recipient has led many to assume Loki will betray Thor and align himself with Thanos to spare his own skin.

We hope that is not the case and that Loki is handing it over for a extra noble purpose (perhaps to avoid wasting the lives of Thor and others), which would be rather more interesting than a Loki-betrays-Thor retread.

9. HOPE: Thanos destroys Xandar
Xander was first introduced to the MCU in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy because the planet Ronan the Accuser had planned to destroy utilizing the facility stone.

Within the movie, it was revealed that all Ronan needed to do to complete his genocidal task was touch the stone to the planet’s floor, but Star-Lord managed to distract him via a dance-off (because Ronan shouldn’t be a very good man) and ultimately save the day.

One notably intriguing rumor concerning Infinity Warfare is that Thanos will succeed where Ronan failed and eventually blow Xandar to bits.

This would be one hell of a manner to point out Thanos as a drive to be reckoned with. Regardless of the Mad Titan’s MCU presence because the Avengers, he hasn’t accomplished something to instill fear in characters or audiences. Blowing up Xandar would instantly make him a threat unlike any that the Avengers have seen earlier than.

Eight. HOPE NOT: Nick Fury surprise look
Samuel L. Jackson’s identify doesn’t seem anywhere on the Infinity War’s IMDb page, suggesting that Nick Fury won’t be making an appearance in the film. That being stated, his voiceover in the primary trailer has led many to assume that the man who introduced the Avengers together will in actual fact make a surprise appearance in some kind or one other. Nevertheless, we’re hoping that’s not the case.

Primarily based on the trailer, it looks as if there is much too much happening in the movie for Nick Fury to be shoehorned in. He is a lot better suited protecting a low-profile and sitting out of this film so that he can make a triumphant return when the Avengers need him most.

It could appear like a letdown to not have Fury within the movie, but withholding the character for now will make his return someplace down the road all of the more satisfying.

7. HOPE: Big man makes a return
Two characters conspicuously absent from the epic Infinity Battle trailer are Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang and Evangeline Lilly’s Hope van Dyne. Unlike Samuel L. Jackson, each Rudd and Lilly are listed within the film’s cast, which makes their absence all of the extra obtrusive.

Since we know both characters will seem within the film, the hope right here is that we not only get to see Ant-Man, but Large Man as nicely.

Simply put, Giant man’s look in Civil Struggle was among the best moments in the entire MCU up to now, and we’re hoping he makes another appearance in Infinity Conflict.

In fact, let’s hope he makes his anticipated return throughout that epic battle sequence proven at the trailer’s finish. Large man exhibiting up during this battle and kicking the crap out of dozens of Thanos’ troopers can be a sight for sore eyes.

6. HOPE NOT: Thanos is defeated
When the MCU’s Phase three was first announced again in 2014, Avengers: Infinity Struggle was initially offered as a two-parter. Part 1 could be released in 2018 and Part 2 would hit theaters the next yr.

Then Marvel changed its plan and announced that the final movie in Section 3 would simply be titled Avengers four. This led to the rumor that Thanos will be defeated by the first film’s end, as opposed to having his character arc stretch across both films. Hopefully, this isn’t the case.

The studio has been teasing Thanos for five years, which implies that the Mad Titan merely can’t be dispatched in a single movie. Defeating him could be a colossal mistake that could irrevocably harm the MCU as a complete by exhibiting audiences that the villains are indeed throwaway characters.

Thanos is supposed to be totally different, and he ought to be handled accordingly.
5. HOPE: A number of avengers die

One criticism typically levied at the MCU is a scarcity of stakes. Whereas Earth and the universe itself appear to be threatened no less than once a 12 months, fans have turn out to be accustomed to the MCU’s heroes not solely saving the day, however doing so virtually unscathed (except of course, for Quicksilver, the one member of the workforce fast enough to dodge a bullet, who couldn’t dodge a bullet).

Thus, if Infinity Warfare goes to be the epic film occasion that audiences are clamoring for, then a couple of Avengers will want to satisfy their end.

This merely must happen. Not just from a storyline perspective (to determine Thanos’ power), but because the contracts of original Avengers are reaching their ends. It’s time for the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye to both retire or die, and noble deaths shall be much more dramatic.

4. HOPE NOT: Captain Marvel appearance
It was means again in July of 2016 that Marvel first announced the casting of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Since then very little has been revealed in regards to the production apart from the discharge date of March 2019 (making it the last MCU film before Avengers 4). ‘

Some have taken the 2016 casting announcement to imply that a surprise Captain Marvel appearance in Infinity Conflict isn’t out of the question, but we certain hope it’s.

Captain Marvel’s place within the MCU must be firmly established in her solo movie earlier than she shares the display with the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Positive, Black Panther and Spider-Man were introduced in Civil Struggle, however that film needed the extra heroes (until Marvel wished to vary the title to Civil Spat). This one doesn’t.

There are many heroes already, and a Captain Marvel introduction is better fitted to 2019.
Three. HOPE: The 30+ character scene occurs

Back in June, Scarlett Johansson appeared on The Late Present with Stephen Colbert to promote her film Rough Night time and was inevitably requested for some details about Infinity Conflict. While trying to not reveal any crucial details in regards to the film, Johansson did say there was one scene that involved “like 32 of us.”

Now, it’s potential that this scene will likely be lower from the film completely or it’s an motion sequence that features the characters engaged in separate smaller fights in the midst of a bigger battle, however we’re hoping for a quieter scene between the MCU’s mightiest heroes.

The occasion scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron was an absolute blast as a result of it gave followers the opportunity to see the Avengers simply interacting with one another as opposed to avenging. A similar scene in Infinity Battle that allows fans to see their favourite characters mingle will likely be absolutely unbelievable.

2. HOPE NOT: Thanos resurrects past MCU Villains
One rumor that has adopted Thanos around like a shadow since his first appearance within the Avengers is the idea that he will use the Infinity Gauntlet to resurrect previous villains already dispatched by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in earlier movies. This would be a terrible determination, particularly since the studio has been so usually criticized for its lack of intriguing villains.

Bringing Hela again is okay, but doing the same for different villains would come across as nothing more than a retread. Do audiences actually want to see the returns of Whiplash, the Abomination, or Malekith the Accursed In a phrase, no.

Marvel is much better off introducing new, thrilling foes to battle its most popular heroes as opposed to resurrecting outdated, underwhelming ones. The best attribute of the MCU is that it is continually growing and evolving. Bringing again old villains might be a step backward.

1. HOPE: The avengers battle aspect by facet earlier than the film ends
The odds of the Avengers uniting in the first half of Infinity Conflict seem fairly slim. In spite of everything, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, and Hulk are nowhere near Earth, and Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow, Imaginative and prescient, and Scarlet Witch are likely in hiding.

Heck, it’s doable the Avengers don’t unite in any respect by the film’s finish and Kevin Feige holds off on bringing them again collectively till Avengers 4, however we hope that’s not the case.

Instead, we hope groups of Avengers are forced to break up as much as handle smaller threats across the planet early on before finally reuniting to combat a concentrated effort by Thanos to retrieve the final stone necessary to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet.

The visible of the Mad Titan assembling his forces to do battle with each single MCU hero is solely past words, and we hope to see it on the massive screen.

Are you excited for Avengers: Infinity Struggle What are some of the opposite rumors you’ve heard surrounding it Let us know within the feedback.

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