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Supergirl Kisses Nightwing

Pretend you had been Supergirl. You are super powerful, even more so than Superman. Now as a brilliant-powered teenage girl, what would be the first thing you’d do Should you answered “force yourself onto a sexy hunk” then you definately answered appropriately. This is exactly what Supergirl does in Supergirl situation 3 from December of 2005. Supergirl kisses Nightwing …unwillingly.

After Supergirl kissy-rapes Nightwing, his girlfriend Starfire is just not too joyful. Do I sense I cat-combat Unfortunately, no. Lex Luthor intervenes and beats Supergirl to a pulp using his oh-so-trendy green tremendous-suit. He does this after capturing Starfire out of the sky. Because beating up girls is what Lex Luthor does.

What’s funny though is that after Supergirl kisses Nightwing so blatantly, I started to think about what other childish stuff I might do if I have been Supergirl. The first thing I would do might be rob a Tiffany jewelery store. Then I would rip the roof off the Hershey manufacturing facility and fly off with an arm-full of assorted candies. Then after consuming the chocolate, I might text (whereas flying) to a secret crush, and tell him that he wouldn’t know a reasonably girl if it hit him within cat batman shirt the face….. after which I’d hit him in the face with a site visitors signal.

Significantly though, it’s a must to get Supergirl subject 3 from 2005 if you are a fan of either Supergirl or Nightwing. I imply, come on! Supergirl kisses Nightwing! Two engaging folks locking lips. Why are you continue to reading this Get it Men’s aptain Marvel Logo Desgin Long Sleeve Tee Shirt now!

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