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Friday Speaking Factors — Give America A Elevate!

Let’s get on with our weekly speaking factors, that are principally designed this week to be used by Democratic candidates operating for office. We’re in for a whirlwind couple of months of state primary elections, which is the true kickoff level for the general election season for the remainder of the year. So it’s a good time to hone the message.

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Earlier than we start, nonetheless, we’ve to give some “credit score the place credit score is due” praise — regardless that it is for a Tea Occasion candidate’s ad. Yes, you read that right. I wrote about this earlier this week, because the ad from J. D. Winteregg, who’s challenging John Boehner in the Republican major in Ohio, is the funniest but seen this election cycle. In what is definitely not more than an extended “boner joke,” the advert is nicely produced, has an homage to the Tubes music “What Would you like From Life ” and is nothing in need of hilarious. Because we’re at all times impressed with clever messaging (no matter the origin) we had to at the least point it out for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. Even when we likely disagree with every little thing Winteregg stands for, we nonetheless must tip our hat to whomever came up with this brilliantly humorous ad.

Enough of that, let’s get on with the Democratic talking points!
Six level three

This morning introduced the best information of the week, after all.
“Unemployment has now fallen to six.Three %, the lowest it has been since 2008. The speed dropped 4-tenths of a degree in a single month — the largest drop in two years — showing that after the lag of this 12 months’s brutal winter, employers are hiring once once more. Nearly 300,000 jobs had been created last month, in truth. We could even see the speed go below 6.Zero p.c this summer, which might sign a return to a healthy job market, after the longest recession since the good Depression. To all the Republicans who have constructed their 2014 election campaigns round prophesies of doom and gloom, I’d counsel you get a bit extra optimistic about America’s future.”

Saying “no” to giving America a raise
These next two talking factors are taken instantly from President Obama’s reaction (full transcript) to Republicans captain america t shirt target queue filibustering the minimum wage bill.

After 14 months since I’ve referred to as on Congress to reward the arduous work of tens of millions of Individuals like the ones who we have right here at this time to raise the federal minimum wage, we noticed this morning a majority of senators saying “sure,” but virtually each Republican saying “no” to giving America a elevate. They blocked a bill … that may have steadily raised the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour. By stopping even a vote on this bill, they prevented a raise for 28 million hardworking Individuals. They stated “no” to serving to tens of millions work their means out of poverty — and keep in mind, this invoice would have completed so without any new taxes, or spending, or bureaucracy. They instructed People like those who’re here in the present day that “you are on your own” — with out even trying them in the eye.

No person who works full-time ought to ever have to boost a family in poverty
Again, from the president’s remarks on the minimum wage filibuster bill. He makes the case in a really clear and basic approach.

So Individuals have been approach out in entrance of Congress on this concern. The truth is, about three in four People assist elevating the minimum wage. And that’s as a result of we consider that in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one who works full-time should ever have to lift a household in poverty. That’s a basic precept. And at a time when these at the highest are doing better than ever, while tens of millions of Americans are working more durable and harder just to get by, that three out of four Americans perceive that America deserves a raise. …

So far Republicans in Congress disagree. In reality, some of them need to scrap the minimum wage entirely. One Home Republican stated, “It’s outlived its usefulness. I’d vote to repeal the minimal wage.” A Senate Republican said he does not think the minimal wage helps the middle class.

This can be a very simple challenge. Both you are in favor of raising wages for hardworking Individuals, or you’re not. Both you wish to develop the financial system from the middle out and the bottom up in order that prosperity is broad-based, otherwise you think that top-down economics is the solution to go.

$174,000 wage “not that a lot”
This tidbit ought to instantly follow any dialogue on the minimum wage, for full effect.

“A Republican candidate for Senate in Iowa lately mentioned in an interview, and that i quote: ‘I don’t think U.S. senators make that a lot money.’ For the document, a senator’s pay is $174,000 per yr, in addition to many costly perks. Someone from his marketing campaign admitted that the candidate had ‘never really looked into how much U.S. senators make.’ That is the Republican one-percenter angle on full display, people. The median household income in Iowa is $49, 427, just for the file. While the Republican Party is combating hard against a minimum wage elevate, they discipline candidates who can’t even be bothered to seek out out what the job they’re running for truly pays, as a result of they’re so wealthy it does not make any distinction to them. I ponder if Mitt Romney has endorsed this man yet, because it can be completely acceptable.”

Snake oil!
That is some extent every Democrat ought to be making, every time the Obamacare subject comes up.

“My opponent is operating on a platform of complete repeal of Obamacare. For years now, Republicans have been promising that they are going to offer a magic alternative plan that achieves the identical issues the Reasonably priced Care Act does. Republicans won massive on this problem in 2010, in truth, and took management of the House of Representatives. It has been 4 years — however captain america t shirt target queue we still have yet to see a single invoice from them detailing their substitute plan. They can not agree on one. They haven’t voted on a single invoice because their alternative plan simply does not exist. You realize, back within the previous days, there was a term for a magic cure-all product to resolve all health care issues. It was referred to as ‘snake oil.’ The Republicans took the Home promising massive doses of snake oil, and the general public was fooled. Because the numbers for Obamacare keep getting higher and better, Republicans flounder around with nothing to point out for it however a snake oil pitch. You realize what I feel the general public is tired of electing nothing short of snake oil salesmen to Congress. 4 years of nothing but snake oil promises is sufficient!”

Obamacare even saving Fox Information viewers’ lives
There have been two different tales worth mentioning on this topic as well.

“Did you see the latest information from Florida The Republican governor went trolling for Obamacare horror tales amongst some senior residents. Instead of the getting tales of woe he was hoping for, what he got as an alternative was reward for Obamacare and seniors agreeing that on the entire it was beneficial to them and their cherished ones. Up the coast in Philadelphia, a committed Fox Information viewer had resisted signing up for Obamacare, although his well being was in a fairly dire state. A friend of his lastly ‘staged an intervention’ and acquired him signed up on an insurance plan. He then was in a position to have surgery to have a heart valve changed, which saved his life. As he put it, with out Obamacare, ‘I most likely would have ended up falling over lifeless.’ He was asked if Fox Information had slanted his outlook, and he mentioned he’s now modified his mind, stating: ‘I actually do have a distinct outlook on it. It’s really mistaken that persons are making it right into a political thing. To me, it is a life-and-loss of life factor. I didn’t care for Obama. I can’t say nothing unhealthy about him now as a result of it was his plan that most likely saved my life.’ These are the tales which can be emerging from people helped by Obamacare, and even when Republican politicians go looking for marketing campaign fodder for advertisements, this is what they’re getting as suggestions.”

Banning guns — by pressure!
The hypocrisy is so thick on this one, it’s nearly unbelievable.

“Conservatives often get — quite literally — up in arms over any suggestion that a sure mannequin of firearm be banned by legislation. But what’s fascinating is that two gun shop house owners have now been forced — by loss of life threats, no less — to halt plans to sell a certain mannequin of gun. Sure, you heard that right: some gun lovers are threatening deadly violence if gun shop house owners do not voluntarily ban a certain type of weapon — what’s been called a ‘sensible gun,’ that can not be fired besides by its proprietor. The hypocrisy was not lost on the Maryland gun shop proprietor — the second such businessman who has needed to again down after receiving threats on his life. Earlier, he had argued against this hypocrisy, saying — and that i quote: ‘To me that is so fricking hypocritical. That is the antithesis of every little thing that we professional-gun, pro-Second Amendment individuals must be. You aren’t imagined to say a gun ought to be prohibited. Then you might be being no completely different than the anti-gun people who say an AR-15 needs to be prohibited.’ After repeated threats on his life, he has backed down and now says he has not offered any of the guns and is not going to accomplish that. So it seems that banning sure guns is now going down not through government tyranny or jackbooted federal brokers, however by nameless murderous threats. Ironic, isn’t it “

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