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Men's Cotton Atom Short Sleeve Tee ShirtIn Greek mythology, he is the god of the sea. His name in Roman mythology is Neptune. Listed below are some representations in painting and sculpture from numerous centuries:

He has been borrowed and modified for inclusion in the Marvel Universe the place he interacts with Namor, the Submariner…

… captain america t shirt infant dosage as properly as the DC universe. Of the photographs I examined, I didn’t like the imply-spirited tone of most of them (Poseidon going rogue, hitting Surprise Girl, bloody noses, bloody mouths, etc.), so I included just one for this post. That is the most effective I found for my functions, and it shows an indignant Poseidon battling an angry Aquaman.

DC characters are so offended so much of the time. It strikes me as slightly one-dimensional. This is unquestionably not the DC comics of my childhood.

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