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Like, I Do not get It

I’ve thoroughly totally liked this ebook from points 1 to 49. But as of the last panel of forty nine, and the preview of 50, I feel some concerns creeping in ….

Concern #1. The Google internet stuff. It is so obnoxious when writers pressure these shoe-horned references to modern expertise into their books. Like, I do not get it Do they think we cannot be capable of relate to those heroes except they’re posting pics to instagram They’re Super heroes! They don’t should be doing the mundane issues we’re like searching Google. I would rather have Garth seek the advice of some lame omniscient fish beast for data =P

Concern #2.
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Eh, I hate that they’re making Mera even more derivative of Aquaman. She should get an captain america stealth shirt updated captain america stealth shirt model of her own classic look, not a female version of Arthur’s. :/

This. That is the other annoying thing about Marvel comics. That is what pushed me away and again into reading DC comics. Men’s daredevil cast Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts I am bored with the race/gender swapped characters. Mera was already equally as cool as Aquaman. Making her into Aquawoman only dilutes each their brands. =\

I hope both of these issues wind up being non-issues by the time I completed studying difficulty 50. Nonetheless actually trying forward to it!

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