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Description: Not that the character wants an introduction at this present juncture given his prevalence in pop culture, but, here’s the gist: billionaire Bruce Wayne dons a cowl and armor at night time to wash the streets of Gotham up as Batman. Wayne captain america original t shirt 50 was orphaned at a young age after a criminal gunned his mother and father down exterior of Black_Canary a theater. Frequent opponent for a number of of the characters within the squad in addition to Joker.

Performed by: Jared Leto
First look: N/A
Description: Here’s the thing about Leto’s Joker (and why there’s no first appearance included): a number of buzz says this isn’t the Joker people generally think of once they consider, nicely, the Joker. So, any description right here can be incomplete, but right here goes… Joker is an unhinged psychopathic criminal that frequently schemes and plots in opposition to Batman. The latest comics continuity reset has hinted there’s a couple of Joker, and it’s certainly attainable that the movie will explore this further as one well-liked idea is that Leto’s Joker is definitely Jason Todd, the second Robin that was “killed” by the Joker.

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