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Might An Announcement Come At D23

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, is the man to speak to while you want Marvel news. He’s the one who calls the photographs. At Saturday night time’s Marvel Comedian-Con panel in Hall H, Feige was available to point out new footage from “Thor: The Dark World,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” He also brought Joss Whedon out to unveil the title of the new Avengers movie, “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

But, what about all of the opposite rumors swirling What about “Physician Unusual” Where is all this discuss Vin Diesel leading What are the 2 mystery Phase 3 films which have but to be introduced Shortly before the Corridor H panel, I met with Kevin Feige at his resort here in San Diego and requested him about all of these items.

The factor that I respect about you is that you are typically coy about not giving secrets away, but you don’t lie.
No. I am not occupied with being caught in a lie. There’s normally not a purpose to — and the end recreation is opening weekend. Everything is about Men’s Print Bane HQ Short Sleeve Tops Tees opening weekend. Not for the box workplace — in fact we’d like that — but for the experience. So, every time I am being coy, it’s being coy for the good thing about the reveal or the advantage of the expertise. But when any individual calls you on one thing — I don’t want to be sitting there and somebody goes, “I remember you lied to me!” So, why do this

Vin Diesel’s identify retains circulating as being in “one thing” Marvel associated. I just picture you staring at the “Fast & Furious” franchise considering, I might like a piece of that.
Effectively, here’s what I’ll tell you about Vin. And I’ll be very trustworthy with you. We did a press day on the “Captain America” set final week or something. The very first query was, “So how did the meeting with Vin Diesel go ” I went, “This is the funny thing, it hasn’t happened yet. It occurs at 3 p.m. today.” And they went, “Oh, really ” And it did and he got here by and met. So, I will say two things: One, there’s nothing to announce with Vin. Vin is an incredible man and an incredible character.

Might an announcement come at D23
No. It is thus far ahead it might not even exist. So, there’s nothing to announce. But, I really like Vin and he is an incredible personality. Look how much attention he is gotten for a gathering. He’s extremely shrewd. He’s acquired a Riddick film that I can not wait to see. And the “Quick & Furious” franchise, along with Vin, is a franchise I admire quite a bit for turning the sixth and next year the seventh into the largest and hottest one. So far as a piece of it May someday we do a “Luke Cage: Hero for Rent” in that type of vein. Completely.

How much energy do you will have over the Marvel entities at Sony and Fox Bryan Singer is utilizing Quicksilver for “X-Men” and Joss Whedon is using one other model of Quicksilver for the next “Avengers.” You do not have the facility to mediate that
Nope. The contracts are very particular and typically very outdated.

How does Quicksilver fall by way of to both Is it some sort of technicality
He’s one of the few characters that has a reputable claim to 2 completely different teams.

When the contracts are written out, is there a listing of each character that can be used
It is advanced through the years. They’ve gotten far more specific through the years as Marvel and captain america maternity shirt number Fox and Sony hone down — and, certainly, when Marvel started making our own movies, the opposite studios went, “Wait a minute. Who has what ” And we started being very specific about a whole lot and a whole bunch of characters and where they belong. Quicksilver is a type of characters — and there are only a handful of them which have a respectable declare to multiple comedian households. And that’s how they end up on a non-unique record.

“Physician Unusual” has been tossed round as a doable Section 3 movie. What do you want about that character
Two things. One, he is a superb particular person singular character. He is acquired an incredible persona. He’s received an ideal origin story. And he’s very, very totally different than any of our different characters. And, you understand, we might discover a fantastic, great actor to carry that function to life. And lots of people have been calling us, for years, about that. And he’s a bit of the Marvel universe — like “Guardians,” is cosmic, and Thor and The Avengers sort of tease into that cosmic realm. He offers with other dimensions and he deals with the supernatural aspect of the Marvel universe — which is extensive. And which we haven’t handled in any respect within the Marvel cinematic universe. And arguably only in “Blade” — and “Ghost Rider,” I guess — touched on a few of that stuff. So, to me, Physician Unusual is an in to a complete different nook of the Marvel universe that we haven’t delivered to life in motion pictures yet.

I’ve interviewed you earlier than and also you do plenty of press. But, who are you
[Laughs] Is that this my therapy session

You have turn out to be this well-known man in your personal proper that we ask spoiler-type questions to. There’s not many individuals in the position you’re in which might be as well known.
Really Because the The new York Instances simply referred to as me “invisible.”

I feel that you are round too much.
I believe in a section of the press — wherein you’re one — that is the case. I think if you go exterior that in any respect, that is not captain america maternity shirt number the case in any respect.

You are virtually like you’re personal Marvel character now.
[Laughs] No.
You’re calling the pictures.
If individuals know how to pronounce my final title, I’m amazed and flattered.

So there are two mystery Section three movie slots still out there.
Everybody assumes one is “Doctor Unusual.” So, for the sake of argument, for instance that it is one of them. Do you must go along with one thing secure for the other captain america maternity shirt number slot Like “Captain America three” or “Thor three”
Well, I mean, I will let you know the character of film releases nowadays is such that there are few key dates and you need to plant your flag on these dates. Which is now why you might have seen announcements out to 2018. I believe lots of those films might change — any of those release dates can change when you’re taking a look at five years ahead. However, your question is an fascinating one — and neglect in regards to the specifics of what the movie is about.

In the event you look at subsequent yr, you’ve got a safe film, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and a threat, “Guardians of the Galaxy.”
None of them are secure. However, you are right. Do you have a more established property after which introduce a brand new property That feels like a great … it feels prefer it is smart to me and is something that we consider once we’re putting the slate together. However numerous it also will depend on what’s prepared and who’s accessible. It is why we did not put out another movie the 12 months we put out “Avengers.” As a result of it is so huge. Though we are when “Avengers 2” comes out with “Ant-Man.”

Mike Ryan is senior writer for Huffington Put up Leisure. You may contact him straight on Twitter.