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Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet)

Elizabeth S. Watasin
Dietz Toshio Ichishita
Daniel Yoontaek Lim
Annette Byrne-Morel
Wendy Muir
Mary-Jean Repchuk
Patricia Ann Billings-Malone

Rebellious, independent, assured, adventurous, brave, heroic, selfless, determined, sturdy-willed, intelligent, inventive, athletic, reckless, carefree, mischievous, sarcastic, spunky, delicate, intuitive, intrigued, enjoyable-loving, cool, mysterious, good, forgiving, polite, loyal, anxious, innocent, feisty, irritable, sweet, lovable, dreamer, optimistic, charismatic, peaceful, pragmatic, spoiled (formerly), broody (previously), argumentative (sometimes), pessimistic (previously)


Jim Hawkins is the protagonist of Disney’s 2002 characteristic movie Treasure Planet.
Jim is a very adventurous, rebellious, and caring young lad, in addition to very handsome and attractive for a 15-12 months-outdated. During the start of the film, he was a stereotypical, alienated teenager, continuously in bother and “like a stranger” to his mother Sarah. In the DVD’s Visible Commentary, the directors mentioned that to emphasize Jim’s “Unhealthy Boy” status, they added the buy lana del rey t shirt 2016 black jacket, and the shadow or “eye-mask” over his eyes. By the end of the movie, nevertheless, he now not wears the jacket, and the eye-mask is gone. At first, Jim is stoic and guarded, but as time goes on, he begins to open up, and at the top of the movie, he becomes a much more open, assured and happier younger man.

Jim is also very brave, selfless, sturdy-willed, independent, and loyal to his allies. He can also be pleasant and prepared to help strangers, particularly if they are injured or lost; this is proven when he encountered Billy Bones, a creepy but harmless and wounded salamander-like alien pirate who was in want of help, and Jim immediately tended to the poor previous alien without hesitation, and based on his mom, Jim would always discover stray pets and beg his mom to let him keep them, exhibiting that Jim is kind and compassionate in the direction of animals. Jim can be very clever for a lad of his age; so clever that he may be very skilled in technicians and mechanics and was ready to construct his own photo voltaic surfer all by himself when he was eight years outdated, and he was ready to repair up the late Captain Flint’s spaceship in simply a couple of minutes when he was 15 years old. buy lana del rey t shirt 2016 He is also pragmatic and logical, more than individuals give him credit for.

Despite his nice intelligence and pragmatism, he can do very silly and reckless things, such as him breaking the law numerous occasions, which caused him to get into trouble with the police; when he flew Silver’s area longboat into a passing comet regardless of the potential dangers the comet could have induced to the longboat or Silver or Jim himself; and when he recklessly insulted Scroop without taking any regard for his personal security and even what it would do to his mom if he have been to be killed by Scroop because of Jim’s reckless behaviour. No matter his reckless facet, Jim can be very cautious and severe if the situation presented itself. At first, Jim was quite spoiled, broody and pessimistic, however in the long run, he became far more mature, accountable and optimistic (he could be described as a pragmatic optimist).

He can be fun-loving, jokey, sarcastic, mischievous, charismatic, and really dreamy. He likes playing round with Morph, but he can get annoyed by the little floating pink blob of mischief typically, and the same could be mentioned for B.E.N.who gets on Jim’s nerves pretty usually, particularly when B.E.N. talks too much or touches Jim a lot. Nevertheless, Jim does consider B.E.N. a superb good friend and a helpful sidekick (also, Jim discovered to accept B.E.N.’s hysterical and annoying habits somewhat and even enthusiastically hugs B.E.N. again when B.E.N. hugs him for saving everybody from Treasure Planet’s destruction). He can also be usually sincere, yet quite non-public, and infrequently lies; he solely lies if he feels that he actually has to. Jim will also be very sweet, innocent and polite, and cares tremendously for his allies and will protect and defend them from something and anybody. Jim is also very forgiving, proven when he forgave Silver for his antagonistic actions all through the movie and significantly when Silver selected to avoid wasting Jim’s life as an alternative of Flint’s treasure. Jim also allowed Silver to sneak away from the RLS Legacy, instead of informing Amelia and having Silver arrested, showing that Jim has completely forgiven Silver and accepted him as his good friend and father-determine once more.

Ultimately, even along with his few flaws and his bad-boy exterior, Jim has obtained a coronary heart of gold and refuses to embrace the everyday greedy and ruthless pirate life like his pirate enemies, especially his nemesis Scroop, who’s the precise reverse in personality to Jim.

When he was a toddler, Jim was very energetic, lovable and obsessive about reading pirate books.

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Though he’s human, Jim possesses a few exceptional skills, including one that no other human character in Disney has shown earlier than.

Intuitive Aptitude: Jim is understood to be very intelligent and a fast learner. The first aspect of his intelligence is his spectacular abilities in know-how and mechanics; for example, he was in a position to build his personal solar surfer all by himself when he was only 8 years outdated, and when he was able to repair up the late Captain Flint’s spaceship in simply a couple of minutes when he was 15 years old.
Excessive Coordination: Jim has unimaginable coordination talents when flying via the air utilizing his solar surfer (each his original surfer and his makeshift surfer from the RLS Legacy). His coordination is so great that he can evade obstacles in his path with wonderful precision and with out hardly any Superman effort.
Bodily Power and Agility: Though a teenager, Jim has shown moderately impressive strength and agility. He can be a fairly good fighter, shown when he fought towards his arch-nemesis, Scroop, though Jim was also assisted by his two sidekicks, Morph and B.E.N.. Additionally, as a result of he’s at the moment in the house navy academy, he could have gained extra data of hand-to-hand fight, swordsmanship and/or marksmanship, though it’s unknown if he has obtained any of those attributes yet, certainly one of the 2 causes being that he’s currently a army cadet and the opposite purpose being that Treasure Planet by no means had a sequel and possibly never will due to the movie being lower than successful at the box office.
Area Breathing: Unlike other human characters which have been proven in Disney, Jim is the first and only human proven to be utterly capable of breathing and sustaining regular homeostasis in outer space without assistance from a spacesuit or a traditional spacecraft, thus Jim may very well be an advanced human from the place he’s from. However, it is extremely debatable that within the Treasure Planet universe, all air is breathable across the universe for all species, including humans.

Jim on his Photo voltaic Board.
As just a little boy, he admired stories of the legendary area pirate, Captain Nathaniel Flint. But then his father, Leland, abandoned Jim and his mom when he felt he couldn’t handle the accountability of being a husband and father. As Jim grew older, he grew to become a rebellious teenager, soaring a solar surfer and getting in bother with the police. Jim felt guilty after listening to his mother focus on her troubles with Dr. Doppler. Then, Jim discovered a crashing spacer named Billy Bones who had a particular chest that contained something a mysterious cyborg was after.

Jim discovered that inside Bones’ chest was a map. This map led to Treasure Planet, encouraging him to embark on a life-changing adventure, accompanied by Dr. Doppler. Jim was assigned as a cabin boy for John Silver, the ship’s cook and a cyborg. At first, Jim didn’t belief him due to the mysterious cyborg that was after Billy Bones, and Silver drove him crazy with chores. But because the voyage’s time handed, Jim and Silver had a father-son relationship, which Jim by no means had.

Jim Hawkins with John Silver.
However, Jim and Silver had some friendship flip-flops. When Jim’s confidence was low about failing to keep Mr. Arrow, the captain’s first mate, alive from an area storm, Silver did not tell Jim that his monstrous nemesis, Scroop murdered him.

Jim later discovered that out when eavesdropping on his conversation with the remainder of the crew about mutiny. Jim additionally realized that Silver cared more concerning the treasure than Jim, which left Jim heartbroken and hurt. After the pirates attacked and mutiny started, Silver tried to apologize to Jim about what he said. He explained that if Scroop and the opposite spacers knew he was variety, they both would’ve been killed. Even when Silver made a bargain that might make up for this whole mess, Jim refused. Each Jim and Silver vowed to make sure they get to the treasure before one another. Ultimately, they did get to the treasure collectively, but only due to Silver’s drive.

When the planet’s self-destruct mode was activated, Jim nearly fell to his dying. Silver had to choose between the treasure he’s looked for years, and the young man he had to come to love, deep down. Silver selected Jim they usually both had a part in saving the whole crew from destruction. Earlier than Silver escaped, he and Jim had a coronary heart-warming goodbye, and Silver requested his pet shift-shaper, Morph to remind Jim of him.

Silver additionally gave Jim a handful of Flint’s treasure to assist him rebuild the inn. Jim went home, used the treasure to rebuild the inn, and went to a heroic academy, where Captain Amelia recommended. Earlier than the movie ended, Jim saw a cloud-formed version of Silver, whose cyborg eye twinkled at him.

According to his mom, he had built his first photo voltaic surfer at the age of eight.
Though he and a number of other other characters from the movie didn’t appear in the actual show (as Treasure Planet was released after the show’s complete run), Jim had made several cameo appearances in numerous Home of Mouse-themed online games.
In the cancelled Treasure Planet 2, Jim would have developed a rivalry with a fellow Royal Interstellar Academy scholar named Kate, who later becomes his romantic curiosity.