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It is Worth It Ultimately

GO to a salon in case you die your hair over bleach it will look great to start with but will fade quickly.When you die it a darker shade of blonde that shouldn’t be a problem. when you dye it brown you’ll get orangey mousey hair, dye it black and you’ll end up withgreen hair(the blue from the dye and the yellow from the bleach), for those who dye it red it’s going to turn bright orange.

So unless you’re planning to dye it blonde go to a hairdresser.
Do not say I didn’t warn you..

dont do it ur self cause if ur going darker it could possibly turn out a green color !! ur greatest resault is to let a proffesional hair dresser do ur hair and after that you can do it urself once more cause the 1st time it wont work out if you happen to do it and youll ruin ur hair so pay some $$$ to get it done the suitable approach then your able to do it the following time !!!

It depends on how “bleached” you are talking. If your hair has been severly bleached..Don’t, I repeat, Don’t try to do that yourself. After bleaching my hair for 10 years, I went to a salon and mainly they advised me that they would have to do multiple processes to try to put shade again into my hair. Bleaching will not be like an alternative of placing shade take colour out. Your hair at that point is very porous and can take the under color of the dye. Results could be wherever from inexperienced, purple, or pink. It will value you a really $$$ amount on the salon, but for those who try yourself and results are horrible, you will have to go to the salon anyway. It’s value it in the end. You might too have to signal one thing on the salon stating “no guarantee” to cowl their finish. Good luck!

be sure to dont use any products that contain henna as it will turn your hair green
Okay so it does rely upon how lengthy you’ve got been bleaching your hair, if you have been doing it for a long time your hair will probably be unevenly porous( dry and thirsty) this means when you set any type of color in your hair the porous elements of your hair will seize and the outcomes will likely be patchy!

If you have only had your hair bleached once or twice you can do it at dwelling, some suggestions….
* if you braid hair for weave want to go to a darker blonde, go for it!!

* if you wish to go to a purple shade you’ll need to put a light/medium ash brown tint on 1st (this will act as a base shade)

you’ll be able to then put the red colour over.( when you dont put the bottom shade on hair will go pinky or orange)

* if you wish to go brown put a chestnut color on 1st (this is a mix of brown with a hint of crimson) as your base then colour with your chosen brown tint, the purple will not show once you have put the brown tint over the purple simply helps to cease the brown wanting dull and flat

* if you wish to go black put a red ( not tint on (it can look awful but dont despair) then cover with the black.. the pink simply provides depth and stops the hair wanting dull and flat you won’t see the purple!!

And at all times use merchandise for coloured hair as this may help keep the colour for longer
Will depend on how trashed your hair is. If it is in a nasty method don’t dye it any extra till you get some remedy on it. Go to a hairdresser, ask them about what your desirous to do. The safe method is to go to a salon and have them do it for you. But when you wanna do it your self be sure that your hair is in good condition first. I’ve done this before and because I make sure my hairs in fantastic form it is always been high quality for me.

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To be on the safe side go to a good salon.
you just use regular dye however be warned your hair might be already damaged and continued processing will cause more harm

First of all bleaching your hair is horriable. I’ll bet your hair feels like straw. You won’t ever get the exact shade you’re searching for, due to the bleach. Go to a salon they will assist you out, even with the salon they can not make it perfect however braid hair for weave it’s going to turn out alot higher then what you’ll have the ability to do out of a field.

Are you trying to get your hair white, or trying to color over bleached hair
For one go to sally and use bleach w 20 vol. peroxide that may get you lifted and toned at the same time. unless you’ve got actually darkish hair, then use 30vol. peroxide. color your hair,ether all of it, or what you want bleached and let it sit for 45 min only if you haven’t bleached it yet. sit by a heater for the heat, it can course of higher %26amp; not yellow. then whilst you wash it, use shimmering lights shampoo, the purple shampoo will permit it to show white. let the shampoo sit for a while.

If you are coloring over belached hair, you will have to fill your hair w/ a coloration (called a filler) then, truly color it.

Sally beauty supply can show you how to w/that.
14 yr stylist

Be sure the bleaching is the even and just die like you bleach.
just do it

The best thing could be to visit a professional,however if you wish to have a go your self you will need to pre-pig first. This means Putting Back The colour PIGMENTS IN YOUR HAIR. when bleaching your hair goes through a technique of color,purple,orange, yellow then white. You will need to reverse this or your hair will go inexperienced particularly if you use ash base colours.So it is dependent upon the result you need as to what to do first.Do not put a colour strait on till you set back the pigment. get advice earlier than you begin.

go to the hair salon and they’re going to take care of it for you
I think going to a salon would work. Make them do the work, while you loosen up.

100% Virgin Malaysian Deep Curly Hair Weave 12 inch  to 32 inch Jet Black 100gDying hair whereas its bleached might end in much more harm to your hair, because that’s what bleach does to it anyway. If you’ll dye it ensure you select a shade slighty lighter than the one you need as a result of the bleach will make it darker. And it additionally takes loads less time dor the dying process to occur so make sure that you retain checking what shade you hair is. Earlier than you understand it, will probably be too much darker than you wanted.

I think if you go to a Salon would be the best. You don’t need to wreck your hair.

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