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Silver Surfer #8-10

The Elders had been calling Galactus “alien”, and Galactus additionally acknowledges that that is what he’s, since he comes from the earlier universe.

It seems (i think!) that Eternity had been working to thwart the Elders’ scheme by, er, meditating on the pure idea of continuity, which precipitated the Celestials to land on the Skrull world…

…and which therefore kicked off the brand new Kree-Skrull Conflict which finally led the Silver Surfer to accumulate the Soul Gem from the Supreme Intelligence. Because it turned out, the Surfer did give the gem to the Elders (though finally managing to stop them anyway), and so Galactus calls him the weak link in Eternity’s plan. But Eternity says “no idea can descend into manifestation with out an imperfection”.

Well, there you go.
Because the Surfer and Nova then fly off to Kree space, the topic of the Improbable Four comes up, and we get a glimpse into the FF on Earth. The Black Panther is there too, and it looks like they’re cleaning up after the latest combat with Dr. Doom.

Unsure Rogers was given a correct model for the new Factor designs.
Meanwhile, in Kree house, we see the key Skrull Nenora visited by her boyfriend Aptak, the Skrull caught in the weird form of a Wazilian.

Aptak thinks that with Nenora positioned as the brand new Kree chief, issues are going to go nicely for the Skrulls. But Nenora has different ideas, and winds up poisoning Aptak in order that she will be able to retain her position.

Back with Galactus, the Elders are giving him a bit of indigestion.
And that is the least of his issues.

Majestic artwork (and colors) by Marshall Rogers depicting the doings of these huge cosmic entities. And this actually is a good story by Englehart, miles past the remainder of his 1980s work.

High quality Ranking: B+
Historic Significance Score: 1

Chronological Placement Issues: Takes place soon after Unbelievable 4 #312.
References: – The second Kree-Skrull Battle started when the Kree discovered in Silver Surfer #5 that the Skrulls have lost their shapeshifting skill.
Frankie Raye’s powers were revealed in Implausible 4 #238, and she grew to become the herald of Galactus in Fantastic Four #244.
Thanos previously gathered the six Soul Gems in Avengers annual #7.
The Silver Surfer and Nova first met in Silver Surfer #1.
The Runner makes the purpose that if the Champion could not defeat the Surfer in issue #1 and he couldn’t defeat him in Silver Surfer #three, they actually should not have tried to take on Galactus.
The Elders aren’t scared of Galactus as a result of the Grandmaster made them invulnerable to Dying after West Coast Avengers annual #2 and Avengers annual #16. They did not count on getting put in Galactus’ stomach.
Obliterator is not present at this occasion since he was defeated and stranded in Silver Surfer #6.

Crossover: N/A
Continuity Insert N

My Reprint: N/A
Inbound References (9): showSilver Surfer #13-14Silver Surfer #15-18West Coast Avengers #38-39Silver Surfer #21Silver Surfer #22Fantastic 4 #325Silver Surfer #28Silver Surfer #57-58Hulk #413-416

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Hulk #341-345

Take a look at it this way fnord- not less than Shalla-Bal didn’t refuse to help Earthlings as a result of she dated one as soon as and he was a jerk.
A number of readers thought that Eternity’s dialogue meant that he created the Celestials just to stop the Elders. That does not appear to be Englehart’s intention.
The idea that the gems could not affect a black hole as a result of it has no soul is senseless when you keep in mind that Thanos planned on using the gems to destroy the stars.

Posted by: Michael | Might 14, 2014 8:09 PM
I am not a huge fan of Englehart’s run on “Silver Surfer,” but it surely was a severe attempt to jot down a 30+ concern storyline, which we’ll see by the point we get to the ultimate six issues. It wasn’t ‘excessive art,’ but aspired to something more than the same old Marvel comics of the time. [Or earlier; truthfully, the one Englehart comics I love are his short Batman period with Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin, and his work on “Inexperienced Lantern” with Joe Staton.]

Posted by: ChrisW | May 14, 2014 8:55 PM
Englehart’s Surfer run suffered from DeFalco’s interference. For example, it was DeFalco that demanded Englehart write Mantis out, which is why she saved showing in West Coast Avengers and Silver Surfer.

Posted by: Michael | May 14, 2014 10:Fifty two PM
Was the final subject code-authorised When Peter David wrote a DC comedian years later exhibiting the Martian Manhunter disguised as a lady kissing another girl, the Comics Code people thoroughly objected.

Posted by: Mark Drummond | Could 17, 2014 6:18 PM
All these issues do have the Comics Code Authority seal.

Posted by: fnord12 | Might 17, 2014 6:49 PM
I do know Englehart was going to reveal extra in relation to this plot-thread on the Celestials, since in Silver Surfer Annual #1, Norrin recalls to the Eternals how when he was trapped on Earth by Galactus, he meditated as soon as on the peak their city, Olympia, occupies, and it wasn’t there, let alone for the millennia they declare. I know that story wasn’t full, but it surely implied that the origins of the Eternals may be something completely different than Celestial tampering hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Posted by: Nathan Adler | Could 17, 2014 10:19 PM
“Both the board is a part of him (through which case leaving the board behind shouldn’t have made a difference, or it is just an object that he has a connection to, and should not grant him any extra particular powers right here”.

FNORD – Couldn’t you say that once he reformed the board after leaving Earth, it changed the properties of the board

Posted by: clyde | June 17, 2015 2:32 PM
This is all only a minor quibble on my half because i don’t love how he escaped subject #1 on Earth, and i’m solely responding because you set my name in your remark. You’re undoubtedly entitled to assume that’s what happened. But to me, both the board batman vs superman logo shirt is a part of him or it is not. He didn’t reconfigure the board after leaving Earth to make it part of him. And if the board is a part of him, i don’t see why Galactus would put the restraint on the board specifically. Not a big deal; it just feels like a minor thematic mismatch to me.

Posted by: fnord12 | June 17, 2015 three:11 PM
There isn’t any other word for these points than epically cool. The trifecta of Galactus consuming the Elders, conferring with Eternity, and then getting indigestion from the Elders was simply method too awesome.

Posted by: Erik Beck | July 28, 2015 eight:15 PM
Didn’t the Surfer ever as soon as try slowly raising himself from a ninety-degree angle to move by means of the barrier And even quickly, going up at a horizontal angle would have passed him by way of the barrier, left his board behind, left him trapped in area, and then he’d have the ability to name his board precisely as he did in #1.

I’ve the identical problem with the tip of “Star Wars” (the true film) in that the Rebellion has simply despatched all of their ships, pilots and droids into a killzone for several minutes, dodging TIE fighters and flying down the trench, then Han Solo proves that all it’s good to do is land on the exhaust port and fire. Problem solved. In “Star Wars,” it really works. Here, not a lot.

Posted by: ChrisW | July 28, 2015 11:18 PM
Positive, the actual motive the Soul Gems are going to vary to the Infinity Gems that each have distinctive attributes and conduct is as a result of the Silver Surfer book adjustments writers, but I have an in-continuity explanation that I think you may enjoy:

In the beginning of Thanos Quest, Warlock’s Soul Gem is owned by the In-Betweener (final seen in Silver Surfer 18) and the other five are owned by numerous Elders of the Universe. I put forth the notion that the person attributes of the gems have been shaped by their owners.

All six gems might devolve into being parasitic like Warlock’s vampire Soul Gem if left in improper arms. Warlock himself solely managed to grasp the gem in Warlock #15. By then it was too late and the gem, like a wild, untrained dog, was dangerous — so harmful that even touching it might rip your soul away (as warned in Silver Surfer #15). Perhaps Warlock by no means had a soul to start with, being an artificial man, however that is another debate fully…

The Elders could master their particular person gems, like Warlock eventually did — and be sooner about it than Warlock, being more experienced with cosmic artifacts. So this is the breakdown:

The Time Gem was shaped by the Gardener. He used it to both hasten the expansion of his plant-life and to preserve it at its highest state of magnificence.

The facility Gem was formed by the Champion, for whom power is what issues most.
The House Gem was formed by the Runner, who wanted to journey across the entire cosmos and visit each place in existence.

The Mind Gem was shaped by the Grandmaster, whose forte has at all times been manipulation and being able to out-assume an opponent.

As for Reality Gem, properly…the covetous Collector, like Warlock, let his gem go to seed. For the Collector it was more about having the gem fairly than taming it. Subsequently, it wasn’t truly formed until Thanos (master of the TIME-Thoughts SYNC-WARP! as seen in Captain Marvel #28) got hold of it.

Like in jewelry making, tough stones are cut by a master craftsman who shapes them to reflect their purest brilliance. So to have the Soul Gems been “reduce” by cosmic beings.

— and if you can buy that, I have a bridge to promote you…
Posted by: Jon | October 6, 2015 1:18 PM

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This does make sense. It switches cause and impact for the way the Elders wind up with the gems that they’ve by Thanos Quest. And as a substitute of it just so happening that the vast majority of the Elders find gems that completely swimsuit their esoteric interests, the idea that the Elders unconsciously formed the gems supplies an precise reason for that. And as you say, explains why for therefore long they had been all just referred to as Soul Gems. I guess someone will come together with a reason why it can’t work, however i believe it’s a cool thought.

Posted by: fnord12 | October 6, 2015 2:00 PM
I don’t assume Ego could be that desirous to go up in opposition to Galactus. Granted he has a greater monitor record in that regard than any planet aside from Earth, but Galactus’ observe report has only a few failures to point out over billions of years. And Ego’s anti-social, so he would not really have a ‘you killed my associates/family’ excuse for revenge.

Posted by: ChrisW | March 28, 2016 eight:57 PM
I imagine that the “Soul Gem” that the Supreme Intelligence had is the one which first appeared in Captain Marvel #45. In that story, each Rick Jones and Mar-Vell entered the gem (which was a big sphere at the time, just like the gems are in SS #9) in order that they might (supposedly) try to treat the fact that their two identities had been merging into one. Official Handbooks have since identified that gem as the Mind Gem.

Also, in batman vs superman logo shirt that CM subject the overall talked about that, although every of the six soul gems has a special power, they are all equally efficient on the thoughts. And this was earlier than Thanos gathered them all for the primary time in order that they were different even before Jim Starlin got to them.

Posted by: Don Campbell | April 25, 2016 1:57 AM
Bought in real time and still personal them and have read to my youngsters. My son loves them, my daughter much less so but she still doesn’t mind them. She prefers Power Pack. For me this was an epic run of very top quality from Englehart.