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Atomic Annie batman t-shirt new york movie 280-mm Nuclear Projectile Cannon

Throughout WWII, the U.S. Military decided that there was a necessity for a cellular lengthy vary heavy artillery weapon to attack strategic targets behind enemy lines – communication centers, fortified positions, enemy long vary artillery and different high value targets. After the conflict, it was decided that a heavy artillery weapon that might hearth an atomic warhead can be much more fascinating. This kicked off a twin growth effort – designing and building the actual weapon and designing a small sufficient atomic warhead for use as a shell for the weapon.

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In 1952, the cannon was full. The 280-mm Atomic Cannon weighted 88 tons and was transported by two automobiles capable batman t-shirt new york movie of transferring at speeds as much as 40 miles per hour. The cannon might be arrange and ready to fireplace in quarter-hour or less.