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The Final Son Wiki

Jaime Reyes was born in a Riddler Mexican-descended household. He used to live in El Paso, till he and his household moved to Metropolis. He started attending a new college. He met a woman named Traci, whose household have been the primary associates after they first arrived of their new dwelling.

In some unspecified time in the future during Common Zod’s invasion, Traci’s dad and mom had been lost in a Phantom Zone singularity, which left her in addition to Jaime and his personal household devastated, and he tried to offer her as much assist as possible.

Shortly after, a Scarab of alien origins one way or the other fused to Jaime’s spinal cord, and it brought on him to have strange desires. He finally confided on Traci, who took a photograph batman joker t shirt why so serious 64 together with her cellphone to show it to him. Jaime needed to tell the Justice League about this, but Traci was reluctant, as she blamed Superman and the League for batman joker t shirt why so serious 64 her parents’ deaths. The two had been caught eavesdropping in the middle of an alternate between Booster Gold and the members of the Suicide Squad who had come over to recruit him, causing the scarab on Jaime’s again to activate and canopy him in a suit of armor granting him superpowers.

Upon figuring out this, Cadmus sought to capture Jaime to attempt to harness its energy for themselves, underneath the excuse of “helping” him, even after studying that, with the Scarab fused to his spine, its removal would almost certainly cripple or even kill Jaime outright. Jaime was efficiently rescued by the combined efforts of the Justice League and Booster Gold.

Afterwards, in the Watchtower, after he requested the League what he might do from now on, Superman instructed him that it was batman joker t shirt why so serious 64 his choice. He decided to place his new powers to good use, and Superman suggested that he and Booster ought to work together, to help one another discover ways to change into actual heroes. After returning home, he talked once more to Traci and instructed him of his determination, additionally advising her to stop blaming the League for her mother and father deaths and instead try to work to make the world a greater place.

Powers and abilities Edit
Jaime has no superhuman energy of his own, however after fusing with the scarab, it grants him a go well with of powered armor, which grants him the next skills:

– Enhanced Durability.
Energy blasts.
Super energy.
Know-how interface.

Background data Edit

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In DC Comics, Jaime Reyes is the third character to take on the identification of Blue Beetle (after Dan Garrett and Ted Kord), and the only one who managed to unlock the secrets and techniques and powers of the Scarab. His origin on The Final Son is loosely based on the one shown within the episode “Booster” of the Smallville reside-motion sequence.

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