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Star Wars- The Alternate Prequel Trilogy: Episode One

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Motion pictures margin:0px !necessary;” /> Episode One: The start
Our story opens with a huge fleet of house warships gliding slowly in the direction of an Earth like planet referred to as Naboo. They proceed to enter the planet’s environment and carry out devastating bombing raids in opposition to the largely undefended cities. Troop carrying ships appear, which deposit thousands of armoured warriors who descend to the floor by sliding down wires ejected from the undercarriage. The warriors look vaguely acquainted, they put on comparable armour and helmets to the bounty hunter Boba Fett; the helmets even possess the characteristic T-formed visor. The warriors and the warships devastate the planet’s cities extraordinarily rapidly, earlier than rapidly withdrawing back into house.

In the meantime, on the jungle planet of Yavin, a Jedi Knight referred to as Obi Wan Kenobi is named earlier than the Jedi Council, who dwell inside an historic temple. They inform him of the disturbing events on Naboo and other similar worlds situated on the Outer Rim and dispatch him to attempt to uncover the thriller.

Obi Wan’s investigations reveal one thing truly astounding. The mysterious warriors are in precise truth Mandalorians, a fierce warrior race thought to be long extinct, after being supposedly destroyed by the Republic. However apparently not, some should have escaped into exile and constructed the army up over time.
Nevertheless, Obi Wan’s findings reveal one thing even more disturbing than previously imagined. The Republic’s perception of the Mandalorians was that, regardless of being fierce and violent, they were primitive when it comes to hello-tech expertise. But by Obi Wan’s findings, that notion was discredited because somehow, they’ve managed to obtain the know-how to create totally functioning clones, which has allowed them to build a large army in a really quick house of time. The Mandalorians being warmongers by nature, felt it solely pure to seek revenge towards the individuals who very practically destroyed them, the Republic.

Obi Wan travels to the Mandalorian residence-world, Mandalore and to his utter dismay discovers a big city sized manufacturing facility, which certainly have to be their cloning facility. However, subterfuge isn’t considered one of Obi Wan’s strengths and he’s compromised, falling beneath attack from Mandalorian ships. He escapes, barely and manages to limp to the closest inhabited planet, a desert world referred to as Tatooine.

He lands within the spaceport of Mos Eisley and seeks out anybody who might be able to restore his ship. But even probably the most assured mechanics he speaks to declare that it’ll be several weeks earlier than his ship shall be area worthy. Annoyed, Obi Wan has no alternative but to search out a pilot. He enters a darkish and dingy bar, the place, unsurprisingly for a man who had spent his entire life on Yavin caught out like a sore thumb. Within no time in any respect, he begins to draw the unsuitable form of crowd. Luckily for him, he’s rescued by a young moisture farmer referred to as Owen Lars, who shortly whisks him away. Obi Wan explains the dire scenario he’s in to Owen who reassures him that he is aware of a pilot, who, in actual fact is lodging with him.

Again on the acquainted Lars homestead, Owen introduces Obi Wan to a young pilot known as Anakin Skywalker who has his own ship and is a contract trader. Anakin and Obi Wan go inside to debate business, whereas Owen helps his wife Beru with some chores. When Anakin hears the place Obi Wan needs to journey to, he refuses bluntly. Coruscant is way too harmful for a freelance pilot, however Obi Wan wins him over by providing a considerable amount of money. Anakin, agrees on the situation that they make a slight detour in order that he can make a supply.

Some time later Anakin and Obi Wan method a backwater Outer Rim planet known as Utapau. However as an alternative of taking the standard route, he takes a somewhat out of the way strategy, whereas at the identical activating a cloaking gadget, which he explains to Obi Wan helps him to evade the safety power. Obi Wan becomes suspicious and asks why such a transfer was vital, leading to Anakin revealing that among the cargo is contraband. Abruptly appalled, Obi Wan elects to lecture Anakin on the wickedness of his ways, and declares that he will not journey with a common smuggler; he intends to find various transport once they land.

While Anakin makes the supply, Obi Wan attempts to seek out various transport, however the pilots view him, his supply of money and his destination with justified suspicion. Word quickly spreads among the pilots, and they all give him a large berth. It quickly dawns on him, that Utapau is a smugglers moon, and so, sheepishly he returns to Anakin. However Anakin is no longer excited about transporting a man who believes that he is one way or the other better than himself and refuses Obi Wan’s apology.

Nevertheless, the matter is taken out of Anakin’s hand, when a Mandalorian battle fleet arrives, bringing a reign of fireplace down on the planet. Anakin whisks Obi Wan back on to his ship and makes a quick exit.
In the course of the course of the escape, Obi Wan assists with the piloting duties. Someway they escape comparatively unscathed. Obi Wan can not help but admire Anakin’s piloting expertise, he’s easily one of the best pilot he’s ever encountered. Nonetheless, Obi Wan shortly suspects that Anakin’s distinctive expertise lie far past the realms of a standard man. He believes that Anakin is robust in the Drive and maybe has the potential to attain better things. Anakin, meanwhile having witnessed the destructive power of the Mandalorians first hand, agrees that the Senate on Coruscant must be knowledgeable, and plots a course for the capital of the Republic.

The story now switches to Coruscant, an enormous planet fully coated in a global metropolis, and to the huge Senate building, where inside the discussion board, a moderately unknown Senator referred to as Palpatine takes the flooring and begins a passionate argument that the Republic, which is basically a unfastened federation of allied planets (basically a Star Wars model of the EU) can not survive the onslaught of the Mandalorians in its present state. He states no planet can stand up to the Mandalorians alone. He proposes that the Republic type a short lived, voluntary unified army, the Republic Army to try and take the battle to the invaders. He insists that this have to be done, or, one after the other planets will fall into enemy hands.

Obi Wan and Anakin arrive on Coruscant, and the Jedi immediately asks to be granted an audience with the Senate. As a Jedi, his request is routinely granted. It’s only now that each Obi Wan and Anakin start to realise simply how far out of their comfort zone they’re. For each males, it’s their first experience of large crowds and big buildings, and the pair start to form a bond, as they attempt to adapt to their new surroundings. Obi Wan relays his findings to the Senate, inserting emphasis on the fact that the Mandalorian forces are rising in number all of the time. Unexpectedly, with that revelation, the bickering Senators instantly come to an settlement that forming a unified Republican military is the very best plan of action, and very quickly at all, dozens of planets both great and small supply their companies. The Senate request that Obi Wan be appointed general, in order that he can lead an offensive in opposition to the principle cloning facility on Mandalore. They consider that as a Jedi, batman arkham city t shirt 720 he reserves no bias or favouritism in the direction of a particular planet, plus all planets trust the batman arkham city t shirt 720 knowledge and judgement of a Jedi. Obi Wan agrees to the task on the condition that Anakin be allowed to take part, which the Senate agrees.

The story now switches to the primary cloning facility on Mandalore. Two nice conflict fleets face off against one another in an enormous and epic battle. On one side, defending their planet the Mandalorians, and on the opposite, the newly formed Republican army. Anakin coordinates the space and air battle, whereas Obi Wan takes cost of the action on the ground. He must shut down the planetary defences to ensure that the spacecraft to bombard the facility. However shockingly, Obi Wan gets more than he bargained for when he comes face to face with a Sith warrior, Lord Maul. To Obi Wan, the Sith have been a mere fable conjured up by storytellers to frighten kids. But the sight of a drawn red lightsaber brings the truth dwelling to the young JedI, and a lightsaber battle ensues. Maul’s talent and pace are breathtaking and nearly succeeds in killing Obi Wan. However, simply as he’s about to ship the killing blow, a reign of fire descends upon the facility and surrounding area. Momentarily distracted, Maul loses sight of Obi Wan, who manages to flee, barely. The battle ends in a victory for the Republic, with the first facility out of motion, absolutely the Mandalorian threat is over.

Anakin and Obi Wan journey to Yavin, the place Obi Wan presents the young pilot to the Jedi Council. He requests that he have the ability to take Anakin as his apprentice. The council members appear shocked, they declare in unison that he is just too outdated. However quickly fall quiet as Yoda scrutinises Anakin closely. He agrees that he is simply too outdated, however he additionally reveals that the boy is filled with worry and anger, remarking that there’s a darkness in him, and fears a fantastic danger throughout his training. The choice is last, Obi Wan’s request is denied. Totally dejected Anakin makes preparations to return to his smuggling life. But Obi Wan is unwilling to lose a younger man who had turn out to be a agency pal. Furthermore, he’s not keen to see Anakin’s amazing potential merely go to waste. He informs Anakin, that the Republican Military have supplied them both high ranking positions inside it. He additionally promises that he will teach Anakin the methods of the pressure himself, one way or another he will grow to be a Jedi. Anakin’s spirits elevate significantly and he agrees to the proposal.

In the meantime, back in the ancient Jedi Temple, the council proceed to debate Obi Wan’s revelation concerning the re-emergence of the Sith and what half they are playing within the unusual occasions which have unfolded just lately. Despite the fact, that the Mandalorians have lost their primary facility, they nonetheless possess an enormous struggle fleet and represent the best threat that the Republic has ever known. Increasingly more planets volunteer their companies to the Republican military, to be able to safeguard their freedom. The Republic might have won the Battle of Mandalore, however the Clone Wars have solely simply begun.

More to follow…
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sendingHarrisonJames87 three years in the past
Great Work! Your version of the prequels may be very fascinating. You fulfill all of the established canon in the unique Trilogy, good story and even the surprise of Darth Vader.

The only downside that I see is that your remedy you focus only on the great side, I feel it lacks what occurs on the bad facet, for instance the talks between Sidious and Maul. One other thing I think is missing info on when Darth Vader turned Obi-Wan’s apprentice and how a lot time passes between Ep.II and Ep.III.

The reality is that I might have liked to see your prequels in script format. There is no likelihood you may make your prequels in script format Thank you.

AuthorJames Kenny three years in the past from Birmingham, England
Hi Kenny, in all honesty I am not assured in any respect about the new Star Wars movies, the story was ruined a long time ago and sadly can never be actually salvaged. It is a merely a abstract of my very own vision of what a Star Wars backstory ought to have been like. Thanks for popping by, much appreciated.

Kenny Groom 3 years ago from Maryland
This was a enjoyable learn. I was able to image most of it in my head and take pleasure in it. It is best to write a “Fan Fiction” screenplay of it.

Hopefully the new motion pictures breathe life back into Star Wars. I believe George Lucas had simply develop into so lost in his personal vision of his universe that issues that he knew and saw in his mind weren’t able to translate correctly within the prequels.

AuthorJames Kenny 4 years ago from Birmingham, England
Thanks very much.

Rasimo 4 years ago
Nice story!

Thanks Steve…I am nonetheless ready for that call from Disney hahaha. However significantly thanks in your form phrases. I used the three authentic movies as my research source and nothing else, apart from borrowing certain names and places from the prequels. Personally I think the prequels have been a chance to finish one among the greatest tales ever informed…but all we acquired as a substitute was video recreation rubbish and lame story telling. Hopefully you may enjoy reading episodes 2 and 3.

Steven Escareno 5 years in the past
Wow, such as you, most of my data about anything Star Wars comes from the films, and i have to say that maybe lucas ought to’ve hired you to write the story instead of himself, as you seem to have written a approach higher premise on this hub than what we really saw in episode 1.

Good job scripting this, as i can not wait to read the opposite ones you have written to date.
Oh really, that’s interesting. The one expanded universe books I’ve learn had been the Han Solo Trilogy, because he’s my favourite character. I additionally learn Shadows of the Empire which was also very good, and was probably price making into a film, mainly as a result of Boba Fett had extra of a job in it. What I preferred most about it was that it really highlights the trouble he went by means of simply to ship Han to Jabba the Hutt, and in addition it introduces us to the opposite bounty hunters.

Yeah, most of what I know is from the expanded universe. In the expanded universe Yavin becomes the new dwelling of the Jedi temple.

I learn many Expanded Universe books as a kid so I have way to a lot information on the subject. Much of what you’d have had happen in your prequels actually happens at different occasions and all through different storylines of the expanded universe.

AuthorJames Kenny 5 years ago from Birmingham, England
Hi ata, thanks for dropping by. I’ll go along with the assumption that most of the information you supplied comes from the Expanded Universe. To be trustworthy, I have never really delved into the Expanded Universe in any nice depth, as I am of the three original films only. So I used those as my primary supply. The remainder is purely my own imagination. I’ve never favored the whole Darth and Sith association, so I determined not to include it here.

I chose Yavin as a house for the Jedi, simply because it seems more appropriate for a group of warrior monks than a planet coated fully in a city- not a lot likelihood of finding serenity there.

Anyway, I respect the feedback. Thanks very much.
ata1515 5 years ago from Buffalo, New York.

I am glad to see we share another interest in Sta Wars as well as history. Your story line is absolutely cool, nevertheless it fully ignores the background of the Star Wars universe in many places.

For instance, the Jedi do not settle on Yavin until after the fall of the Galactic Empire. Within the Old Republic Yavin was part of the Sith Empire, and Darth was nonetheless a standard title for Sith Lords.

It is definitely an fascinating idea, and the prequels could actually have used a greater storyline. Fun read though.