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Ms. Marvel Gets Promoted To ‘Captain Marvel’ In New Sequence [Wondercon]

At Wondercon at present, Marvel Comics introduced that the Captain Marvel character is returning to comics, Ms. Marvel is getting a new costume, and the corporate will as soon as again have a solo title starring a feminine character after months without one. And it was all the identical announcement: Carol “Ms. Marvel” Danvers will grow to be the brand new Captain Marvel in the pages of a brand-new Captain Marvel ongoing comic written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and drawn by Dexter Soy.Marvel’s authentic Captain Marvel — who, sure, has the identical codename because the DC hero who Batgirl says “Shazam!” — was a Silver Age alien hero created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan. He was around for nearly 20 years, however might be greatest-known for his demise, having fairly famously succumbed to most cancers in the publisher’s first graphic novel, 1982’s The Death of Captain Marvel.

Carol Danvers started her fictional life as a supporting character in the first Captain’s adventures, ultimately gaining a costume and powers similar to his, and getting her personal ebook in 1977’s Ms. Marvel. Since then, she’s additionally gone by the names Binary and Warbird, and made nearly all of her appearances in Avengers books. Because the Brian Michael Bendis-scripted era of the franchise began with 2004 storyline “Avengers: Disassembled,” Ms. Marvel has been a outstanding member of the team and probably the publisher’s most prominent non-mutant female character, and not too long ago starred in her own comic from 2006-2010, a series which lasted 50 points, about twice as long as her unique, late-70s guide.

The history of the codename “Captain Marvel” is as long and over-sophisticated as just about any side of Marvel Comics historical past. After the first Cap’s dying, the name was handed on to Monica Rambeau, a black woman with completely different powers and a different costume (who later bape t shirt size 12 modified her title to Photon and, later still, Pulsar). Then there was another male, alien model of the character, Genis-Vell, the third Captain Marvel. He starred alongside Marvel’s eternal freelance sidekick Rick Jones in a couple of collection written by Peter David within the early-00s.

The identify was also used briefly by Genis-Vell’s sister, Bendis’ version of the Grant Morrison/J.G. Jones-created Marvel Boy Noh-Varr, Danvers herself and a “Skrull sleeper agent” in Marvel’s 2008 faux-out Civil Struggle spin-off miniseries, which was originally sold because the return bape t shirt size 12 of the unique, useless-from-most cancers model of the character.

The photographs launched by Marvel released present Danvers in a new costume, yet one more directly tied to the purple and black one worn by the first Captain Marvel, and bearing the golden, starburst icon from it. She’s additionally ditched her domino face mask, and gotten a reasonably dramatic new haircut.

The new Captain Marvel, which debuts in July, will be Marvel’s first solo collection starring a superheroine since X-23, which starred a teenage girl cloned from Wolverine, was cancelled late final 12 months and was, on the time, Marvel’s final remaining female-starring title.

DeConnick has been writing shorter works for Marvel off and on over the previous couple of years, with her most outstanding work most likely being her collaboration with Bendis on the Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm graphic novel and her critically acclaimed 2011 miniseries Osborn. Soy’s previous comedian work consists of the 2010 Peter Milligan-written, based mostly-on-a-video-sport sequence Military of Two.

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