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Supergirl Recap: Season 2, Episode 9

After an eight-week hiatus, Supergirl is back with a strong episode directed by comic e-book lover Kevin Smith. In some ways, “Supergirl Lives” feels like a spiritual successor to season 1’s implausible “Human for a Day.” It deals with related themes, but in relation to Mon-El and Winn. Let’s dive in!

When tonight’s episode opens, it’s clear a while has passed since the occasions of “Medusa”: Guardian is getting higher at the whole superhero factor, much to Supergirl’s annoyance; Kara is bored because she’s solely needed to take on jewel thieves and financial institution robbers; and Alex is glowing from her new relationship with Maggie. It’s quite possibly essentially the most adorable thing on this planet. But, alas, the calm doesn’t last too lengthy. A frightened mom shows up at CatCo one morning, begging Snapper Carr to help her discover her lacking daughter Izzy (Harley Quinn Smith). Snapper doesn’t want something to do with this because he hasn’t had his coffee or Danish yet, however Kara dives headfirst into the case.

Women's Custom Rey Short Sleeve  Tops TeesKara turns to Maggie for some assist, and Maggie informs her that there’s been a recent uptick in lacking individual cases in the past few months. Unfortunately, the NCPD hasn’t been ready to determine what the connection is between the lacking individuals. Thankfully, Winn — sporting a black eye from a traumatic night out on the city with Guardian — uses his fancy computer expertise to find out that each missing individual lately had blood work completed at a clinic. Alex provides to go test it out with Kara, but Kara tells her she will handle it on her own. Mon-El, who simply began bartending at the alien speakeasy, decides to tag alongside because he’s bored or one thing.

The doctor who runs the clinic is more than desirous to let Kara and Mon-El, “two strapping millennials,” into the trial he’s running. And by trial, I mean sending ant man shirt people by way of a portal in his office to a dangerous planet known as Slaver’s Moon. Kara and Mon-El are in a position to combat off his goons, so the physician runs through the portal to flee. They bravely but foolishly follow him and find themselves powerless ant man shirt below Slaver’s Moon’s red solar.

Mon-El is eager to find a way off the planet once he finds out they’re on Slaver’s Moon, where the slave commerce is alive and nicely, but Kara refuses as a result of she’s determined to save lots of these lacking folks — so they turn themselves in to the slavers, who’re led by none apart from Roulette. After Supergirl ruined her alien struggle club enterprise, Roulette traveled to this planet to help them develop their slave ant man shirt operation. Roulette tosses Kara and Mon-El right into a cell with the opposite prisoners.

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