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Born on the planet Colu, the place the residents are 95% robotic, and certainly one of the only planets with any Kryptonian DNA linked to the people. Querl Dox was the fifth of the line of the unique Brainiac. His mother, Virln Dox, felt nothing for him, and abandoned him. The place his father went remained a thriller, though it is steered that his father additionally left and formed a hidden assassin’s group far from United Planets area.

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For years, Dox studied, turning into probably the most intelligent being of the thirty first century. At the age of twelve, he was formally given the title of Brainiac 5. The individuals of Colu allowed Brainiac 5 to depart the planet, however warned him of the danger of Brainiac coming to manage him. Ignoring the warnings, Dox left for Earth and labored for the Time Institute. There, he baffled the other much older scientists by creating the primary strategy to time journey – the Time Bubble. After just a few months of getting used to humanity, against the law occurred exterior the Institute. While Dox used his robotic construct and weapons to confront the villain, the Legion of Superheroes got here and helped out. After seeing the heroes in motion, Dox left the Time Institute and auditioned for the legion as Brainiac 5. He was accepted with flying colours, and took on the job of being the pinnacle scientist and engineer. After some time, Lightning Lad gave him the nickname “Brainy”, a reputation that everyone came to love, together with Brainiac 5.

Man of Tomorrow
When the Fatal Five escaped Takron-Galtos after their rapid capture, the Legion was the one factor standing between them and the taking of the city. The issue was that just a few members could be known as upon. Brainiac 5 advised they bring back a hero from the past to assist, reminiscent of Superman. Although Lightning Lad felt it not needed, the rest of the members determined it a good suggestion. So, using the Time Bubble, Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl and Bouncing Boy left to the previous and introduced him back to the future. After defeating the Fatal 5, Superman determined to stay in the future for a while longer, with the excited Brainy. In truth, Brainiac 5 wished to gain Superman as a pal, and didn’t inform him of his connection to the creature that destroyed Krypton.

He additionally wished to hide information from him, in order that it would not affect the time stream, like the Kryptonite he hid in his lab, which was stolen by Drax.

Fear Manufacturing facility
Over lots of the missions, Brainy did gain Superman’s trust as a buddy, however did not understand how serious Superman would take it when he put himself in hazard, such as the mission on Quavermass 12, the place he killed himself with the intention to free the prisioners. What he did not tell Superman was that he had a again-up of himself.

Brain Drain
One other time, Brainiac 5 misplaced his IQ, and had to be taken to Zuun, in order to avoid wasting his life. After the experience, Superman asked Brainy if he would assist him find out how he lost his powers on the planet, to which Brainy simpled replied “It’s because your powers don’t work below the pink solar.” This, unknown to Brainy, brought about Superman to grow to be suspicious.

Brainiac 5 was additionally a vital part within the destruction of the Solar-Eater, as he planned the missle which would destroy it. He felt interior guilt when it did not work, and felt even worse when Ferro Lad gave his life to fix it, although he hid these emotions from everyone else, even after Superman returned to his personal time.

Five Years Later
Two years after Superman left the Legion, Brainy continued to do coaching periods with a fake Superman, but was solely made enjoyable of by the opposite Legionnaires. He modified his robotic physique to look more grown up as a fourteen yr previous.

The Man from the edge of Tomorrow
After one other coaching session, Superman X, a clone of Superman from the 41st century, came to carry the Legion to his time. They were to assist within the conflict in opposition to Imperiex, a Warrior over lord. Throughout the battle, Superman X taunted Brainy by being crude to him because he was a Coluan, or “Brainiac.” This strained him and Superman X’s trust in each other, and it grew to become worse after Brainy’s plan to Kill Imperiex failed. The legionnaires went after him into their own time, and located Phantom lady and the remainder of the city in damage. While some legionnaires rested, Brainy went back in time and brought Superman from the previous again to assist. Then, Brainy was assigned to watch over Superman X, as he had left to combat Imperiex on his own. They chased after him in the Legion Cruiser, however it was destroyed by Imperiex, who had hacked into Legion information and Computo, After that, he and Superman decided upon the name of “Kel-El”, a take off of Superman’s house title, “Kal-El”.

Throughout the missions, Kel-El and Brainy formed a friendship, and came agents of shield shirt to trust each other. Nevertheless, Kel-El nonetheless knew of a fantastic factor Brainy was to do in the future, and saved a detailed eye on him. Sadly, Imperiex found out about Brainiac 5’s prophecy by Computo’s recordsdata, and wished to use him. Over the numerous missions, while becoming a more in-depth friend with team member Shrinking Violet, Brainy knew that his past would meet up with him, and felt he ought to hide it for so long as he might. This did not final long, however.

The Karate Child
Brainiac 5 witnessed Karate Kid’s initiation into the Legion through video screen.

Message in a Bottle
On a mission to search out Imperiex, he and some different legionnaires, together with Superman, were shrunken and introduced into Kandor, the capital city of Krypton. There Imperiex started to power Brainy to take the steps into his prophecy. After combating with Superman over not telling him anything, Brainy decided to avoid wasting his associates and Kandor, by permitting himself to obtain Brainiac 1.0 into his thoughts, and adjusted the color of the town’s sun to yellow, permitting the individuals to fight off Imperiex. After, Brainiac 5 used his powers to bring again the planet Krypton, but erased it from Superman’s mind, so he wouldn’t use this data to vary the past.

Dark Victory
The following few weeks for the Legion were getting ready for an all out struggle in opposition to Imperiex. Brainy was slowly losing his management over Brainiac, although. With a purpose to bring out Brainiac, Imperiex despatched an early assault on the legion, forcing Brainiac 5 to unleash Brainiac. Brainiac 5 then escaped the Legion, and supposedly killed Superman. He fled to Imperiex, but betrayed him and killed him. He additionally digitised Validus, showing that Brainiac had taken over. Brainiac then digitised the planets around him, and took over Colu, utilizing the individuals to digitise everything else. While the Legion went to face Brainiac, Superman was saved by Kel-El, and each entered Brainiac 5’s mind by Saturn Woman. Collectively, all three broke Brainiac’s skull, sending him out of Brainiac 5’s thoughts. Nevertheless, Brainiac attacked Brainy once more, damaging his robotic self. The Legion and every little thing else that was digitised was safely brought out of Brainy’s mind. Brainiac 5 was discovered capturing from the ruble of the armour Brainiac had used. Because Brainiac broken brainy’s cyborg physique, the 5% natural a part of him took over, and Brainiac 5 became a a hundred% natural being, the first fully organic Coluan. Ashamed of his actions, Brainiac 5 left the Legion, not telling anyone however Superman. The remain of his armor reformed and evolved into a agents of shield shirt new being referred to as “Brainiac 6”.

– Brainiac 5 may be very emotional character he usually seems wanting to show himself to his older workforce mates, significantly the original Superman; Brainiac 5, not like his villainous ancestor, idolizes Superman. However, his excessive intellect and his emotional nature typically cause him internal conflict; for instance, he idolizes Superman, however knows intellectually that he can not reveal lots of the things he knows what lie sooner or later for Superman as soon as he is returned to his own time, as Superman’s information of ‘future’ events may change what’s, for the Legion, history. In the second season episodes “Chained Lightning”, and “Message in a Bottle” Brainiac 5 grows close to Shrinking Violet; nevertheless, as the sequence ended it remains unknown if this was an supposed romance or not.

– Coluan Physiology: Brainiac 5 is Coluan, a nano-primarily based cybernetic organism that not solely possesses twelfth-stage intelligence, however can assume a human-like type. His human-like form can also alter its form to create tools and weapons or remodel into a big, battle robot type. His AI core is based on the original Brainiac 1.0. from whom he tries to distance himself as greatest as doable. Brainiac 5 managed to regain management over himself and overpower Brainiac 1.0 after he corrupted his programming. In the method, Brainiac 5 turns into a pure

– Brainiac 5 genius is chargeable for most of the Legion’s technology and gear. He created the Legion Flight Ring, Computo, the groups computer and other know-how on the Legion Headquarters. He also developed the Time Bubble a time machine used to retrieve Superman from the twenty first century. Brainiac 5 also retains a supply of Kryptonite in case Superman goes rogue. But the alternative occurs and the rogue Brainiac 5 creates a crown of Kryptonite that nearly kills Superman.

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